Welcome Wednesdays – We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…

Welcome Wednesdays – We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!  I hope y’all are finding new authors to read, and new readers for your books with these weekly questions.

A few weeks ago, I asked authors to talk about the most difficult thing they wrote.  Today we’re going to flip that around.  Authors, I want you to tell us what you’ve had the most fun writing?  It could be an especially entertaining character, a clever plot twist you’re just thrilled with, a big, climactic scene you’d been setting up for three books, or anything else…

When you tell us about your fun writing experience, be sure to tell us a little about the book, to.  And make sure to  leave a link so we can learn more about it!

I’ll begin!  Hands-down, the character I had the most fun writing about in the whole Dream Series was Lizzie, Sara’s daughter.  I didn’t plan for her to have nearly as large a role as she did in her first book, DREAM CHILD, but from her very first scene, she really took over the story.  I loved writing her, and I think that comes through in the finished book.

And now it’s your turn!

(when you’re done here, please stop by Exquisite Quills, where there are daily memes just like this one and plenty of fantastic authors you can discover!)

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14 Replies to “Welcome Wednesdays – We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…”

  1. Definitely the most fun I’ve had recently in my writing endeavors was the character of Ritter for Stone Curse (my contribution to the Five Enchanted Roses project: five retellings of the timeless Beauty and the Beast in one collection). He wasn’t even my idea, my husband recommended adding another character to help balance out the story, and Ritter sprang to life and was just so fun and adventurous and kind of snarky (but in a playful, teasing way) that he sort of gathered up the story in his arms and ran off with it… leaving me breathlessly trying to keep up. He’s still not the main character, but he adds a… I don’t know, a light to the story that would be missing otherwise.

  2. The most fun I’ve ever had writing is a chapter in my newest book, MERCY’S GIFT (the sequel to MERCY’S PRINCE, scheduled to be released on September 25). Before writing I watched two different jousting re-enactments and read copiously on the subject, then I outlined all the competitors in the king’s annual tournament, and even made a chart of each knight’s colors and emblems, who faced who in which round, etc. After all this was in place, I just let it play out in my mind like a movie. I did not know who was going to win until the very end. I was sad to finish writing this chapter!

  3. Are those “different” than you automatically bad? Most books about vampires paint them as evil personified and in league with the Devil. Often shown like “shape-shifters,” able to take on the appearance of beauty, while underneath lurks a hideous killer of unspeakable ugliness. “Immortal Relations” starts with a true-life event that occurred to the author’s parents. finding out about this situation spurred the author to write the series. The first book explores love and aspects of its physical expression (sex) so it’s appropriate for open-minded adults. See comments about the first book at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006ZCBT6G and book #2 (less sex) at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A4IEHL6 & book #3 (far less sex) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G5BQS18

  4. Two scenes come to mind but one is the climax of my new release so I’d go with the second, developing and writing the two lead characters in Eve of Chaos. Until the chaos, Montana who is a Dinnshencha, was able to fight and change into anything to protect a woman in trouble. So Conor, the Scottish Knight who is also a forty foot tall black dragon with a love of Rock music comes along during the chaos to help protect Destiny and teach Montana a few of his ‘moves’. While they practice the first time, he hums along, “I can’t get no…satisfaction. unh!” I love Conor and they both fall hard for the first time in centuries. I had to get feedback from a Scottish writer friend. Imagine asking him to think like a Scottish dragon!
    This is book 3 in the Destiny Paramortals series a part of Storm Lake – Is it Mayberry or Middle Earth? Depends which side of the lake you’re on. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q39GBS2

  5. The most fun I have ever had writing a scene was when I was writing my Time Travel Society Series Book #1… TROIANNE.

    Troianne had taken Duncan (Her Love) and Becker (Her baby’s Father) back to the farm of her grandparents in Kentucky. They had traveled back to the future. Duncan being from the 19th century had never seen such modern marvels. Becker being his nemesis thought he would play a little trick on Duncan. Becker opened up a can of soup and put it in the microwave. Duncan watched as the bowl of soup went round and round in the machine. He was so enthralled with watching the soup heat up, that when the bell rang summoning that is was finished cooking. Duncan jumped up screaming like a girl. Becker laughed so hard he could not contain his self. This enraged Duncan and both men started fighting in the middle of the kitchen floor, toppling over the microwave full of soup. They continued to grapple in the floor among the vegetable soup. DID I MENTION THEY WERE…NAKED? They only wore towels around their wastes. Their clothes were in the washing machine.

    Anyhow, Troianne came down the stairs to her shock, both men were naked covered in vegetable soup. Read the book to find out what happens.

    While I was writing this scene I laughed so hard I peed my pants, my husband was laughing with me but he had no idea why I was laughing. It was a wonderful few minutes of my writing career. LOL


  6. Howdy, James and blog friends. Writing Lie Catchers was a joy, overall. Discovering a town in Alaska full of Norwegians (I’m Scandinavian), was such fun…to discover they had an unsolved murder from 1932…even more fun. I got to uff-da while I tried to solve the old case and a new one. Time of my life!

    LIE CATCHERS a #suspense about Norwegians in Petersburg, AK,w/ cold cases to solve http://amzn.com/1628301651 #romance #mystery Amazon Encore program…Kindle and print

  7. Waking Up Dead

    She expected Heaven or Hell. She got Alabama.

    I always fall a little bit in love with my characters, but I think in some ways, Callie Taylor from Waking Up Dead was my favorite to write.

    When I was working on Waking Up Dead, someone asked me why I would want to limit my protagonist by making her a ghost, unable to easily interact with the world around her.

    I didn’t have a good answer then, but I’ve thought about it a lot since.

    And here’s the deal: I love writing about Callie and her limitations. Because ultimately, that’s what many books are about, right? The limitations we face when interacting with the world around us. Callie’s limitations are just more immediate and obvious. She has to really work to have an impact on the world, and that’s something we can all sympathize with. Who hasn’t had days when getting anything done felt like swimming through peanut butter? When, try as we might, we can’t seem to communicate with the people surrounding us. When our attempts to move people or things fall flat and we have to start working on new ways to try to be seen and heard.

    For Callie, these obstacles are instantly recognizable, but her attempts to make connections echo the attempts in our own lives. So why would I want to limit my protagonist by making her a ghost? Because sometimes, we’re all ghosts. But if we keep at it, we can overcome that little problem.


    Margo Bond Collins

  8. The most FUN I’ve had was writing a twisted fairytale about a dragon who gets turned into a knight. He must go on a quest. I added a demon who steals dead musicians who change people in the realm into vampires, zombies, giant spiders, and harpies with their music. Wizards go to the mundane world to save Jimmy Buffett from getting captured and destroying both realms with his “Volcano Song”. It started as a story for my granddaughter but ended up as a fun novel, DRAGON KNIGHT. I also added two futuristic animal stories at the end. http://smarturl.it/dragonknight

    I must also mention that the first novel in my sci-fantasy trilogy HOWL OF THE WOLF is on a 99 cent countdown sale through Sunday, Sept. 20. http://smarturl.it/7e3ipe It involves telepathic wolves who agree to help my hero save his crew on a feudalistic world that hates technology. Donovan must become king to protect his people and the wolf, Kriegen finally meets a human who can “speak” to him. The wolves must decide that humans are intelligent before they offer protection.

  9. The most fun I’ve had recently I can’t talk about because it’s a spoiler for my web serial (makingfate.jenniferrpovey.com). Let’s just say it’s Jane’s turn to rescue Loki, for once.

    I also really enjoyed messing around with a Polynesian feel for a story I submitted a while back to a new fantasy anthology.

  10. I usually have fun writing scenes for my books, but one recent example was in the most recent Monkey Queen book, A Tiding Of Magpies. Our heroes Michiko and Beth, along with Michiko’s friend Princess Jiao, have to rush to another world to save Jiao’s fiancee, Prince Yun, from being executed. Yun decides to stall the execution by praising his true love, leading to this moment:

    “Her fingernails! Perfectly trimmed and buffed so that they glow like sunlight on the plains!”

    “Shall I chop off his head before he starts praising her armpits?” the executioner murmured.

    Yun smiled. “Yes! Her armpits! With the sweet smell of cherry blossoms!”

    Oh, and all four Monkey Queen books will be just 99 cents Saturday and Sunday for the Anniversary Sale! Check here: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00NBIWICQ

  11. The most fun character I’ve ever written is A’yen Mesu, from My Name Is A’yen, The King’s Mistress, and To Save A Life. He’s a smart-ass with a sarcastic comment for everything, a man deeply wounded by the loss of his lover, and a man willing to sacrifice his life for the woman he’s falling in love.

    I write futuristic and paranormal romance. A’yen is a humanoid alien, and his entire species has spent so long enslaved that they no longer believe they were ever free. A’yen is the man destined to change it, with the help of the woman he falls in love with.

    The whole process of writing My Name Is A’yen was both fun and healing. I’m a domestic abuse survivor who had to run for my life, and writing A’yen helped me start living again. He’s very dear to me.

    Details about the book can be found here, tiny.cc/mnia

  12. I would have to say the most laughing I’ve ever done writing is when I’m writing about Darlene, my Mississippi gal from the 50’s who wants to be a movie star along with dim-witted Richie and Tommy Ray. Just the things they say to each other make me laugh. They have always been such fun and I just finished a second story due to everyone asking me when I was going to write another Darlene story. The current story is called “Haints in Hollywood.”

    Just in time for Halloween! Darlene goes head-to-head and heart-to-heart with a haint (Southern colloquialism for ghost) in “Haints in Hollywood.” Darlene, Richie and Tommy Ray from “Laid to Rest” are back and stranded in a ghost town. That’s when the fun begins. http://amzn.to/1L4mN6q


  13. Mine was the proposal scene of my Gaston character with my Belle character, in a Beauty and the Beast retelling, The Hotline Girl. I laughed very hard and had to send the scene to my friends without any background or explanation. 😀

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