Welcome Wednesdays – Switching Channels

Welcome Wednesdays – Switching Channels

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays.  i began this feature three weeks ago with a casting call – asking you to tell the world who you’d cast in a movie or TV version of your books.

Today’s theme is similar.  What I want to know from y’all this week is: if your book/series were to be adapted, what would it be, and why?

A movie?  And if so, is it a summer blockbuster, an indie film, an Academy Awards candidate starring a bunch of British actors with knighthoods?

A TV series?  Would it be a sit-com, an hour-long drama, a Game of Thrones-ish fantasy epic?  What channel would we see it on?

Or maybe a stage play or musicial?  Would it be on Broadway, or Off Broadway, or even Off-Off Broadway?


I’ll get things started.  I absolutely picture my Dream Series books as a series of TV-movies.  You’d find them most likely on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.  I think if you’ve read them, you’d probably agree with me.  They definitely have the mystery/suspense aspect, but they’re not really filled with big action scenes.  They’ve got a recurring cast, and a big part of the story centers on Sara’s everyday life, just like, say, the “Good Witch” series on the Hallmark Channel.  Now, if anyone from the Hallmark Channel happens to be reading this, please feel free to drop me a line!


OK, now it’s YOUR turn…tell us a bit about your book or series, answer my questions, and be sure to leave a link so readers can buy your books!


(when you’re done here, please stop by Exquisite Quills, where there are daily memes just like this one and plenty of fantastic authors you can discover!)

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16 Replies to “Welcome Wednesdays – Switching Channels”

  1. Hi James, what a great idea to have this on your website. My science fiction space epic series, The Sinclair V-Logs would be best suited to a series of epic sci fi movies, made by Universal and featuring Misha Collins in the title role of Samelan Sinclair-Vaylo, Freelance Law Enforcer with the Inter-Galactic Law Enforcement Agency. They are set in a sci fi space opera universe and environment, but they also have a mystery/crime aspect. A couple of the characters carry through each book in the series, but each one stands as a complete story in its own right. For this reason I feel the series would be perfect for a movie series rather than an ongoing TV series.

    To read the series, either in paperback or ebook, visit Amazon http://ow.ly/Qw1Ss

  2. Thanks for the invite! I’m PJ Sharon and I’ve written several contemporary YA novels and a sci-fi fantasy/dystopian trilogy. Currently I’m working on a series of novellas to accompany SAVAGE CINDERELLA, a YA Romantic thriller that won the Holt Medallion award and has about 3.3 million reads on Wattpad. In the novel, a girl who was kidnapped as a child and left for dead in the high country of North Georgia survives and grows up in the wild until a nature photographer finds her and convinces her to come back to the world. The novellas take up the story two years after her return when the FBI needs her help to solve a kidnapping case. I see a fabulous CW or ABC Family TV series with Brinn as the lead. She uses her special skills, knowledge and experience to solve crimes. Think Veronica Mars meets Nell, LOL. If there are any interested TV producers out there please contact me at


    Of course, readers are always welcome to check out my books and can find more about them at my website, which includes buy links. Thanks again for having me:-)

  3. Since my book is a cozy mystery, I see it more as a TV show rather than a stand-alone film. Set in rural Illinois, it features amateur sleuth, Hetty Fox. However her cat, Blackie, and the ghost of her college sweetheart, who has recently reappeared in her life, might challenge that billing. People who like cozy mysteries would like this TV show.


  4. My Time Travel Series would be a great Masterpiece Theater Series on PBS. Historical, Victorian with some paranormal and great adventures. I think they would also be fun to put on LMN. The main characters are strong women and are backed up by wonderfully loving men. The struggle between good and evil always prevalent. Also the clothing of the characters is explained along with furniture of the period. I cannot liken my books to any other since they do have paranormal aspects. But I think they are historically accurate and fun to read.
    Link to my amazon page where all of the books I write are listed is: http://www.amazon.com/Crystal-Miles-Gauthier/e/B00MEFQN6Y/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1425413180&sr=1-2-ent
    I invite you to come take a look. Thank you.

  5. Well, my latest release is three post apocalyptic novellas.

    They wouldn’t require anything much in the way of special effects, but do cover quite a bit of time.

    If they could resist the temptation to jump the weird shark the way that did, I’d love to involve some of the same people who did Fallen Skies. (Which has now jumped a school of weird sharks). The feel is very similar, except with plague-ridden “zombies” instead of aliens…but definitely the right level of dark.

    In other words, it’s going to be a TV show, probably on TNT. Alternatively, a series of three movies, but I do think this one’s better suited to the small screen.

    Here’s the link to the newly-released omnibus edition (print will be available early September: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0134D1KJO

  6. What a lovely way to connect with other writers. (:

    I’ve written a paranormal romance, it’s PG-13, but clean. I write about an underwater mer-city inside a dome, so I think to use those special effects it would need to be a movie. However, it wouldn’t take much to cut the travel through the water and turn it into a stage-play. That might be rather fun. I love the performing arts. Since I’ve written a novella, I expect it would make a good indie film. I am a big fan of indies.

    In any case, I have always expected Gaire to have something of an accent. I love Monica Belucci’s accent; though, she doesn’t look exactly like I imagine Gaire to look. I think Jenna Dewan Tatum looks most like I pictured Calder’s portrait of Gaire (the imagining that began his love-affair with her). Calder

    Conor McGregor inspired Calder Brumen’s look. But I think Rob Kazinsky – add a beard – might be able to pull it off. My characters are on the younger side, so maybe Eddie Redmayne. Though, it’s set in San Francisco, so we’d have to be sure the accent was appropriate to the area. (:

    This was fun. Thank you for the invitation. I’ve never thought about my novella being a play. That really could be rather exciting.

    Cold Water Bridegroom: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013ATMXT8

  7. Hi James, great idea and thanks for thinking of us even as your series sells well.

    My novel, “Shepherds”, is a near-future science fiction/romance/suspense thriller. The oceans died and to continue providing seafood, companies had genetically engineered mer-people put to work herding tuna using dolphins instead of herd dogs in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Olga, a lonely “shepherd” meets a Finnish fisherman named Toivo and romance might thrive except they are targeted by a drug cartel for death.
    It would fit best as an action/suspense movie but having just been reminded of the problems and cost overruns that plagued “Water World” I’d bet this movie would never find anyone willing to take a chance.

    For more info you can take a look at http://hyperurl.co/0pnqlp

    Thanks for the chance to post.

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to fantasize, James. My first series, The Bunny Elder Adventures, is a slightly cozy thriller/mystery with comic and romantic touches. I envision it as a CBS series featuring either Amy Poehler, playing it a bit straighter than on Parks & Rec. My lead, Bunny, has that same humorous take on life, in spite of the harrowing adventures she faces.

    While the first book, “Hollow,” is darker than the others, it still has plenty of opportunities for Amy to demonstrate her comic flair. My second series, The First Ladies Club, would be more a series of TV movies, since each highlights a different member of this club of pastor’s wives.

    This has been a fun, illuminating exercise, James. Thanks, again. Author.to/JBHawker

  9. My series, Time After Time, follows a pair of reincarnated lovers through their many lifetimes together. I can see each of my full-length novels as a television series season because there’s enough mystery, treachery, love , and convoluted plot twists to fill up about six episodes. There are five full-length novels and one novella so far, with a new one coming out in September. Although each can be read as a stand alone novel, the reader needs to know these two people gravitate to each other at different times in their lives, in different places, in different eras, and sometimes on different planets. BELTERRA http://tinyurl.com/prnsshz is a good place to start. Is it post-apocalyptic Earth? Can one person change the course of a planet? Can one lie ruin a truly epic love?
    Aidan Turner (Poldark) would make a fantastic Braedon. And Jessica Collins (Avery from Y&R) would be my dream cast.
    Thank you for this delightful opportunity!
    Carol Ann Kauffman

  10. My Paranormal-Romance-Action Series “Immortal Relations” (book one) would need to be an “R” rated film (unless “explicit togetherness” parts were purged from the first book). The story starts with a true event in our family history which got me writing when I discovered the photograph included on page two of the first book. The storyline is outside the box as it deals with good vampires protecting humans from the blood-thirsty type, human criminals and the evil politicians trying to destroy freedom. I liked the innocents of Scott Speedman (Michael in the Underworld series of films). He and Kate Beckinsale (she rules when it comes to vampires) would be my two choices for leads with Ashley Grenne (from the Twilight series) as the second lead female. If either of those were not available, I’d try for Sandra Bullock (as she can play anything). The second and third in the series have far less adult material and could be PG or PG-13. The third has political intrigue so isn’t suitable for leftists. http://amzn.com/B006ZCBT6G , http://amzn.com/B00A4IEHL6 & http://amzn.com/B00G5BQS18 are the current books in the series.

    Thanks for allowing me to post!

  11. Thanks for the opportunity, James, to fantasize about living the dream of my books being made into a movie. I write historical and time travel romances and just released my fourth book in the series. I can see my novels being a tv series on HBO or Showtime. My books have it all: suspense, romance, deceit, treachery, betrayal , greed, along with medieval castles and sword fighting. What’s not to love?

    As for who would play my characters, that would be anyone’s guess, but I could see the male roles being played by Richard Armitage, Tom Mison, Henry Cavill, and Torrance Coombs.

    My first book, If My Heart Could See You, just went up for free for the eBook yesterday and is already hitting Amazon’s bestseller charts in their Free categories. I ended the day yesterday with 901 downloads…it was a crazy day of watching my Amazon sales dashboard and today is just as insane. Come on movie deal! lol!

    When you’re enemies, does love have a fighting chance? If My Heart Could See You and my other books can be found on my Amazon author page: http://amzn.to/1DAJSIt

    Thanks again for the fun!

    Sherry Ewing

  12. Hi, James, and thank you for the opportunity to post a message.

    The first book in my Club Aegis series, The Velvet Ribbon, is a steamy contemporary romance with BDSM elements. If it were ever to be adapted, I think it would probably be most suited to being a movie, with love interest in the relationship between the two main characters, action in the flashbacks to the main male character’s past, and a thriller element in the predicament they face in the present.

    The Velvet Ribbon features Alex, a former Special Forces officer with a dark past, and Beth, his executive assistant. A street crime provides the catalyst for their relationship to move to something rather more personal then employer and employee. Already suffering from nightmares following his experiences while on active duty, Alex discovers, with the assistance of Cam, his friend and former colleague in the SAS, that he has now been targeted by the brother of a trooper who was killed in an IED incident while under Alex’s command.

    As the relationship between Alex and Beth develops, so the threat against Alex comes closer. Can he protect Beth, or will she become a weapon to be used against him?

    Thank you for this great opportunity!


  13. I have 22 e-books, most of them also in print. All of my books are clean, and most of them are mysteries. One of my books. Murder at Breakfast?, is free today through Saturday. You can get to it here.


    My Dekker Cozy Mystery series would make a good series of movies. In the old days, William Conrad would have been the guy for the lead. My Aylesford Place series would make a good TV show on the Family Channel.


  14. Hi James, I have written 22 romance novels usually with HEA endings, but I am unusual as I live in Vietnam and many of my more recent stories have been based in Asia.
    I have self published 12 novels with Smahwords and Amazon, mainly because the publishers took too long to reply to my submission. However, Phaze Books now have 4 manuscripts – the first SAFARI HEAT was published on 8th January this year, and three others – It’s Just Not Cricket! due on 25th August, BODY HEAT – Naked & Afraid! due on 15th September, and The Road to Beira due on 13th October.
    Blushing Books published West African Heat in January lasy year, and eXtasy are due to publish Tsunami Tragedy on 15th September. You can see details of all these at http://www.adammannauthor.com
    Ironically, these 6 novels are all based in Africa where I lived for 25 years before moving to Asia. If you’re counting two are still in the manuscript stage, and two still being drafted and self-edited.
    Good luck to all Indie Authors, it’s bloody hard work!

  15. Hi, thanks for this opportunity. Although, I don’t currently watch TV, and haven’t seen a movie in ages, I would love to turn my paranormal-fantasy erotic romance books into movies for the big screen, but as my own Indie art projects. Other authors and editors have said my books would make great movies. The storylines are certainly epic-complex enough, and the passionate love scenes of my heroines and heroes would be deliciously intense and artistically erotic. Not to mention all the action/adventure scenes.

    Also, I write flash scenes with a group of other romance authors at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~shapeshifterseductions.blogspot.com~ Together, over the years, we’ve built a shifter/supernatural world that I think would be perfect for a long TV series. Lots of fabulous characters, lots of shifter/paranormal fun, lots of over the top adventures and situations… and, of course, lots of love and romantic pairing up. Then, there’s Dante, the alpha werewolf who owns a subterranean Pleasure Club, well outside our fictional town of Talbot’s Peak, Montana. We even have a flash-scene novel, which is a free read, that’s mostly PG, called LOVE TO THE RESCUE. It’s at Smashwords, AllRomanceEbooks, and Amazon. So, if you’re a shapeshifter lover you just might enjoy this read.

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