Welcome Wednesdays – Begin at the Beginning

Welcome Wednesdays – Begin at the Beginning

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!  I hope y’all are finding new authors to read, and new readers for your books with these weekly questions.

Today, let’s go back to the first book you published.  Authors, in the comments, I want you to tell us about the very first book you released.  Give us a description, give us a link so we can find it, and answer this question: in one or two sentences, tell us why we should read it.

I’ll begin!  My first book is book one of the Dream Series, DREAM STUDENT.  Here’s the description:

College junior Sara Barnes thought her life was totally under control.  All she had to worry about was her final exams, Christmas shopping, applying to medical school – and what to do about the cute freshman in the next dorm with a crush on her.  Everything was going according to plan, until the night she started seeing other people’s dreams.

It’s bad enough that Sara is learning more than she ever needed to know about her friends and classmates, watching their most secret fantasies whether she wants to or not.  Much worse are the other dreams, the ones she sees nearly every night, featuring a strange, terrifying man who commits unspeakable crimes.  Now Sara wonders if she’s the only witness to a serial killer – and the only one who knows when and where he’s going to strike next.

Dream Student is the first book of the Dream Series.

Why should you read it?  Because it combines romance, suspense, humor and plenty of heart with a unique supernatural twist.  And because you’ll fall in love with Sara, just like I did.

And now it’s your turn!

(when you’re done here, please stop by Exquisite Quills, where there are daily memes just like this one and plenty of fantastic authors you can discover!)

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9 Replies to “Welcome Wednesdays – Begin at the Beginning”

  1. My first book was Lord Peter and Little Kerstin, a collection of translations of medieval ballads from Sweden

    It was foreseen that Little Kerstin would drown on her wedding morning. Lord Peter sets sail, even though he was warned to avoid the sea. Sir Olof stumbles on dancing elves the day before his wedding. Little Kerstin falls for the Mountain King and runs away with him to live in the high fells.

    The medieval Swedish narrative ballads were part of a tradition in Scandinavia that combined folk music and storytelling. Lord Peter and Little Kerstin is a collection of new English translations of some of these lyrical songs. There are tales of love and death, kings and knights, and the supernatural spirits of the water and the woods.

    Ian Cumpstey’s new verse translations bring these classic well-loved ballads to an English-speaking audience. Folklore fans will love the tales of elves, mermaids, and wild water spirits. But these translations would also be enjoyed by musicians and singers of ballads in English. The stories they tell of love, death, and revenge draw on an ancient common heritage that British and Scandinavian ballads share.

    Discover these old folk stories — many featuring supernatural creatures of the north, others with stories of tragedy or resolution, and all told in the simple, yet evocative language of the people.

  2. My first published book of fiction was Waking Up Dead:

    She expected heaven or hell. She got Alabama.

    When Dallas resident Callie Taylor died young, she expected to go to heaven, or maybe hell. Instead, when she met her fate early thanks to a creep with a knife and a mommy complex, she went to Alabama. Now she’s witnessed another murder, and she’s not about to let this one go. She’s determined to help solve it before an innocent man goes to prison. And to answer the biggest question of all: why the hell did she wake up dead in Alabama?


    Why readers should check it out: for the fun of watching Callie and her crew of unlikely sleuths stumble their way through to the truth!

    Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Waking-Dead-Margo-Bond-Collins-ebook/dp/B00HKQQRJA/

  3. My first published book was a medieval romance entitled If My Heart Could See You.

    When you’re enemies, does love have a fighting chance?

    For Amiria of Berwyck, defeat does not come easily as she watches her home and clan being ripped asunder. When the very enemy who has laid siege to her home demands her fealty, she will do whatever it takes to protect her people including a hastily concocted ruse that quickly begins to unravel. All too soon, she starts to question whether she can forgive herself for betraying those she has sworn to protect.

    Dristan of Blackmore, champion knight of King Henry II, has a reputation to uphold as the Devil’s Dragon. After his invading army conquers Berwyck castle, he sets out to manage the newly claimed estate by training its knights in the art of proper defense. At first, everything appears as it should be, or is it? Betrayed by those he believed he could trust, he must first set aside his anger before he can make room in his heart for love.

    Together they are tied by an unspoken bond. As they begin to rebuild the land and unite their people, forces beyond their control attempt to tear apart their fragile truce and only time will tell if love will forever bring them together.

    Why should you read it? From the five star reviews I’m getting, readers say they loved it and couldn’t put it down. I’m currently offering it for FREE, hoping readers will give it an honest review.

    Amazon: http://amzn.to/1LV1qnk

  4. My first book was in 2012; “Mythical (Stone Soldiers #1)” about a supernatural soldier who comes back from the dead to complete his mission and stop the prehistoric shapeshifter that killed him and his team.

    It was basically a military version of the show “Supernatural” told in a Pulpy/Men’s Adventure fashion, although I was aiming for young adult. With book two in the series, I embraced the pulp and have churned out 11 books in the series so far and six short story prequels. Fast reads without much drama, these are thrillers designed to keep you going at a breakneck pace. They’re a blast to write, especially after spending two decades in law enforcement where I saw evil win on many an occasion.

  5. My first published book, THE KISS OF A VISCOUNT, came out in March 2013. A tale of “love at first sight”, it features a beta hero in George Bennett-Jones, a newly-minted viscount who is in need of a wife. His mistress recommends a marquess’ daughter, as does his best friend. He’s not convinced until he sees Elizabeth Carlington at a ball—and then he’s on a mission to make her is. He’s got some competition, though, in the form of a more handsome, blond-haired, blue-eyed and richer aristocrat.

    Although everyone loves an alpha hero, I love writing beta heroes. The idea of an underdog getting the girl is more interesting, and it requires a different approach to the romance writing. The subsequent nine books I’ve published all use the same background characters, and although they are set up in three-book series, they can be read as standalone books. THE KISS OF A VISCOUNT is free at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, ARe, Smashwords and Google and is part of THE DAUGHTERS OF THE ARISTOCRACY: Boxed Set.

    By Patricia A. Guthrie
    When the murder of a racing stable’s prize horse and his trainer is blamed on the stable’s owner, his son, Adam Blakely, is convinced the trainer’s partner, Maggie McGregor, was responsible—or at least knows what happened.

    Maggie is determined to leave the tumultuous world of horse racing and returns home to try and find peace. When a handsome horse owner moves his horse into her father’s boarding stable and asks Maggie to train his horse, family finances dictate Maggie accept–and that’s when the accidents begin.
    Drowning in deception and lies, Maggie and Adam search for a killer and uncover an insurance scam so insidious, it threatens to rock a horse racing empire and bring the killer to their doorstep.

    Review magazine “Affaire de Coeur” says, “With a strong mystery and a sizzling romance, Ms. Guthrie captivates readers from the start. This is an enjoyable thriller with a plot that will keep you guessing until the climactic end.” Affaire de Coeur gives In the “Arms of the Enemy” *****

    IN THE ARMS OF THE ENEMY is available in print and on Kindle at Amazon.com and other online books sellers. Read for free: Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Prime: $2.99 Print: $12.95

  7. My first published book was Caught in Cross Seas (the first book in my romantic suspense series)

    The short blurb:
    When country music superstar Clay Masterson finds his supposedly dead father, he wants to do two things: Buy dear ol’ dad a beer to thank him for being a great father for the ten minutes he spent at it, and kick his dad’s sorry butt to Montana to face an eighteen-year-old murder charge. Harlie Cates will try to stop him.

    Happily ever after could be a problem for them.


    only $2.99 or read it FREE with Kindle Unlimited

    Why you should read it…I’ll let my latest Amazon reviewer tell you:
    Exciting! October 2, 2015
    Once this book got into full swing, it was an entertaining ride. The author blends humor, suspense, pathos, honest emotions and romantic relationships into a well developed and executed plot. Well done!

  8. My first book was an historical novel – SINAGIRI. I was waiting for a new project, and my house was in the middle of a three acre coconut estate in Sri Lanka. I had done all, or most of my research in paper books – it was 1996 – but was used to writing in that edition of Word.
    What I did not know about was vanity publishers! I had to send my manuscript by airmail to London, and wait.
    Their reply came back very quickly by airmail, and I’ve still got their letter – just send us £3,500 and we’ll do the rest. Had my email banking been operative in those days I probably would have done, but I hestitated and asked for my manuscript back for some additional pages for romance – well they must have reproduced!
    Whilst I was waiting they went into liquidation, but I did get back the MS.
    I had project work to do and moved to Vietnam a year later, where I started the inevitable rounds with Agents in the UK and Publishers in the US – Ye Gods!
    Smashwords came to my rescue – thanks Mark – and I decided in November 2013 to go it alone.
    Check out http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/381550 or my websites:
    http://www.lordmaity.com and for my erotic romance books http://www.adammannauthor.com
    You xcan also find me @lordmaity and @adammannauthor and @ButterflyBooks9
    Happy reading!

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