Welcome Wednesday – Who Are You?

Welcome Wednesday – Who Are You?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

Every week, the theme here has been about your books or your writing process, so let’s change it up and talk about YOU, the author yourself, this week.  We’ll use one of the usual author interview questions I use…in the comments below, tell us:

Who would play you in a movie about your life?



I’ll begin…


This is a hard question, because I can’t imagine anything about my life being in a movie.  But if I had to pick an actor, maybe Jack Black?


He’s a little bit too manic most of the time (I don’t have that much energy!), but he can be more subdued when he has to be.  And he’s almost exactly my age (only 23 days older than me), so it’d be a perfect match that way.


Now it’s your turn!  Tell us which actor or actress should play you in your movie biography, and be sure to leave a link to your website, blog, FB page, etc. so we can find out even more about you…

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5 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – Who Are You?”

  1. Hullo!

    Who would play me in a film about my life? Well, my screen work is limited to the point of triviality, but as an occasional professional actor in the comically small amount of my free time that’s not devoted to writing, I’d have to say… me, really. At the very least, I’d expect an extended cameo. Like Stan Lee level, or a bit more. Maybe breaking the fourth wall by turning to camera and saying, “that doesn’t seem very plausible” after the fictional Andrew Lawston headbutts an incoming nuclear missile so hard that it turns into daisies and unicorn sparkles (although that did actually happen to me once).

    If not, I’d nominate Bertie Carvel. He’s way taller, quite a bit slimmer, and probably better looking than me, but we’re about the same age and natural accent, and he did once come to see a play reading I was in, shortly before the after-party where my wife did a kind of jazz-hands power-slide across the bar towards him in full fangirl mode, so it’s probably only fair I throw him a bone. No need to thank me, Bertie.

    Failing that, Benedict Cumberbatch is playing every other slightly twitchy British thinky chap on the market, so I could farm it out to him, I guess.

  2. Michelle Pfeiffer! Because sheDID play a highly glamourised version of me in ‘Dangerous Minds’ and of course if a movie’s made about me I want a highly dramatised version, and as Catwoman she showed she could act (and look) ‘boring librarian’ and ‘pants-on-the-outside superhero’, both of which would be required. Oh, and my husband finds her irristibly attractive. Bear in mind I write fiction…

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