Welcome Wednesday – What’s Your Next Book?

Welcome Wednesday – What’s Your Next Book?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

I’ve used this topic before, but it’s been a while, so I expect a lot of new answers today!

It’s simple – tell us about the next book you’ve got coming out.  Whether it’s releasing in a week or two (like my next one), or in six months, doesn’t matter.  Tells us about it, give us the blurb, show us the cover, and give us a link (a pre-order link if you have one, otherwise a link to your website or your Amazon Author Page or your FB fan page).


I’ll begin:

LOSERS WEEPERS is the second book in the Jane Barnaby Adventures (FINDERS KEEPERS was the first).  It will be released on July 26th, but you can pre-order it now.  What’s it about?



Jane Barnaby had everything going her way: a prestigious internship at the Museum of Natural History, a fantastic Upper West Side sublet apartment, and helping plan her newly-engaged college friend’s wedding.

Until a casual lunch with her friend’s fiancé set off alarm bells, and sent her digging into the rabbit hole that is his past.

When that rabbit hole leads Jane and her on-again, off-again boyfriend to the English countryside, uncovering secrets dating back to World War 2, searching for priceless art treasures looted by the Nazis, and fighting off the thieves who will kill to get those treasures for themselves, will they discover the truth, or lose their lives?

Losers Weepers Cover (Full Size)


Now it’s your turn!

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6 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – What’s Your Next Book?”

  1. Thanks for this opportunity, James!

    My next book, in final editing stage, is called The Phoenix Syndrome. It’s a contemporary romance/women’s fiction about a Bostonian lab tech, Lannie Marvin, who has a very bad birthday: she turns 40, finds out her husband of 20 years is leaving her, & gets bitten by one of the mice in her research lab – all in the same day! The mouse is being treated with an experimental mystery drug, and Lannie goes a little crazy. She kidnaps her sister-in-law and takes off for Bethel Woods, NY – site of the original Woodstock concert. Her purpose? She’s chasing after the drummer of the heavy metal band her son listens to – the hot, younger guy she’s got an unbridled crush on…

    Coming in August. You can find out more about my work here: Claire Gem’s Author Page


  2. Deadly Bloodlines – Shadow Bloodlines Book 2 – YA Fantasy
    Forthcoming October 2016

    Beth and Amar must find a way to free her father from jail before the shifter-hunters find him. Her father is the only one who can decipher the messages on her cell phone to determine if her mother is still alive or not.

    With Blood Spirits on their trail and her best friend missing as well, Beth and Amar must find a way to untangle their lives and continue their journey.

    http://www.andreaRcooper.com/ YA Fantasy

  3. My next book, Becoming Jace is the second book in the Double H Romance series. It’s a new adult romance. Wide release is scheduled for August 15th. The ebook isn’t currently available for pre-order, but fans can pre-order a signed, first edition paperback on my website if they choose.

    Sophie’s previous life was a living hell. Despite being neglected and abused, she is just as lovely on the inside as on the outside. The sweetness inside of her is something Rooter craves. She is innocent, despite all the ugliness she has seen. The last thing she needs is the danger a criminal will bring. But for some unfathomable reason, she chooses him.

    No matter how many times he says she deserves better than what he can give, she disagrees. She isn’t aware of his fear that she’ll be used as leverage against him because of their involvement. His refusal to have her dragged into his past, which is inevitable if he is a part of her future, may be what keeps them apart.

    In spite of his pledge to never allow her to feel pain again, Rooter can’t stay away. It is impossible to tell her no—to turn his back and walk away. Being with her makes him whole in ways he can’t explain.

    When an ex makes an accusation of a brutal crime, their relationship is pushed beyond its breaking point. Will they be able to repair the rift… or is it a hurt too deep to ever be healed?

    Learn more about me and the series here: Teiran Smith Double H Romance

  4. The Epiphany of an Explorer, Book 3 in “The Brothers of the Aristocracy” series, just released a few days ago.

    When archeologist Alexander Jones, a duke, goes missing and is feared dead while searching for an important Greek artifact, explorer Harold Tennison is pressed into service by fellow members of the Royal Society to find him. Since he’s already planned a return expedition to the Cyclades to search for rare birds and flowers, the Earl of Everly sets off for Greece to begin his quest.

    On his last visit to Delos, Harry was blessed with a visit from a young woman—his very own version of Aphrodite rising from the Aegean Sea to regard him with an arched eyebrow and a simple question that left him so discombobulated, he could barely speak.

    Born of a Mykonan mother and a British duke, Lady Estelle isn’t particularly comfortable in either world. With her father’s recent disappearance and no prospects for marriage, Stella may end up stranded on Mykonos. She spends her days assisting her uncle in his hunt for Greek treasures he can sell to Europeans. At night, she remembers the bespectacled earl who nearly broke her foot during a waltz back in London.

    When Harry arrives on Mykonos to begin his hunt for the duke and to resume his own research, he’ll have to learn far more about mythology, antiquities, and Greek goddesses than he cares to know. The search may be worth it, though, but only if he can find his very own Aphrodite in “The Epiphany of an Explorer”.

  5. “Gang America”, the seventh novel in the “Gang” series by Peter St John, is due to be released in paperback within the next month.
    In the summer of 1942, the United States Army Air Force, came to Britain to join the struggle in Europe against Nazi Germany. A base for B17 Flying Fortresses was built close to the village of Widdlington. The coming of the Americans has calamitous consequences for the children of the village, who declare “war” against the commandant of the USAAF base.

  6. My next novel will be Girl in the Forest. Expecting to release it at the end of this year or early next and will have the pre-order up once the date is set. It will the third book in my yet unnamed series of linked novels (Hakodate Hearts is the current winning name in my poll), but can be read as a standalone.

    Blurb is still a bit rough, but:

    Disgraced reporter Adachi Tsuguru travels to the famed Aokigahara Forest, not as a tourist or out of a morbid desire to find one of its many corpses, but in search of the spot where one family died, the family he killed.

    During his search, he stumbles on Yuna just as she is preparing to end her life. She initially rebuffs his clumsy attempts at dissuading her before offering him a strange proposal: she will delay her suicide if he agrees to stay with her in the forest for the next seven days. With no way of reaching help in time and unwilling to walk off and let her die, he agrees.

    Now he has seven days…seven days to change her mind…seven days to save a life…and maybe, just maybe, seven days in which he can redeem his guilt-ridden soul.

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