Welcome Wednesday – Unconscious Influences

Welcome Wednesday – Unconscious Influences

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

Today I’m asking all you authors to take a step back from your books and try to see what unconscious influences might have made their way into your stories.  I think we all end up putting things into our books based on things we aren’t conscious of at the time, but that become clear when we look at them afterwards.  Tell us about one of your books, and something that you put in there without knowing why at the time, but now you can see exactly where it came from.  It might be a character trait, a location, some dialogue, anything, really.

I’ll begin…

One of the supporting characters in the Dream Series books was drawn from a TV character – but I didn’t realize where she’d come from until I was partway through the third book of the series.  Sara’s mother-in-law, Helen Alderson, took a dislike to Sara right from their first meeting in DREAM STUDENT.  She didn’t show up, except for being mentioned in passing a couple of times in the second book, DREAM DOCTOR.  But she had a much larger role in book three, DREAM CHILD, and it was in the course of giving her a little bit of the spotlight that I realized where she came from.  I was totally channeling Lorelei’s mother, Emily Gilmore, from “Gilmore Girls.”



Now it’s your turn!

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One Reply to “Welcome Wednesday – Unconscious Influences”

  1. This is a fascinating topic. Thanks, James!

    I’m writing a series titled, Operation Space Cats. I didn’t realize how much of myself and life circumstances I’d written into my characters until I took that step back you mentioned. What could I possibly have in common with a team of space cats, you ask?:)

    Cavias is an old cat who is lame, from an injury he received in the Great Scourage War. He walks with a limp, and that has caused him to lose his faith. Additionally, he speaks with a Scottish/pirate mix.

    My connection? I suffered an injury to my foot that challenged my faith (though I didn’t completely lose it). I struggle everyday with foot pain and limping just like him! And I didn’t even plan that while writing the story. I pansted the whole thing. Also, the whole ‘accent’ thing (no, I do not speak with this cool accent, I wish!:)) is related to my favorite series growing up as a kid, Star Trek TOS. And me love for all things pirate.:)

    Farlo is a fun-loving tubby 80’s cat who makes references to that time period. Oh, dude, er, dear. I’m giving my age away here. In book 3 they even take a trip through space to the mysterious ‘Time Tunnels’ for a bit of ‘back to the future’ type fun.

    My connection? It’s the generation I grew up in during those all important teen years. Big hair (yes, I still love it), bright colors (I’ve toned down), and the lingo, which I love (but don’t speak much), and have not forgotten.

    Razzie is a puny, timid cat with a big heart and dreams to match. He reminds me of me because of his fear over so many things, but yet he has a willingness to step out and confront those fears head on. While he’s unsure of how he’ll manage these doubts and fears, he doesn’t let that stop him.

    My connection? He’s so much like me. This is exactly the way I’ve been pressing on through this writing journey. Conquering one fear at a time, through God’s help.

    And Tebbs is the leader of the team, a Christian cat who wrangles this space kitty crew (plus 3 more) and tries to keep the peace. He’s generally calm, patient, and so like me. He follows God, but like real Christians he goes through real fears (book 1), and struggles with temptations like jealousy (book 3). And that is my connection.:)

    Wow! Sorry I went on so. I really enjoyed visiting your blog, James. Thanks so much for the invite. This is a very fun (and clever) idea. I’m going to join your email list so I can keep an eye out for these posts. Have a blessed day!:)

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