Welcome Wednesday – Stormy Weather

Welcome Wednesday – Stormy Weather

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

They say that everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.  Well, that’s not true of authors!  Since we’re the creators of our worlds, we do control the weather.  And sometimes weather plays a vital role in our stories.

So this week, give us an excerpt or tell us about one instance in which weather has a major impact in one of your books.  And please be sure to leave us a link so we can read more about it for ourselves!

I’ll begin…

The seventh book of the Dream Series, DREAM HOME, revolves all around weather.  Specifically, a killer winter storm that’s about to hit the town Sara and her family have just moved to.  One old man sees all the signs, and dreams about them nightly.  Nobody believes him, except Sara, who’s visiting his dreams every night…

By ten o’clock, it looks like even the forecast of over a foot of snow is conservative – and the wind is getting worse, too. The front doors are rattling constantly now, and even some of the windows are, too. And then, looking out at the parking lot, which is a true winter wonderland now, I see it – one of the trees that’s been swaying finally gives way, and a huge branch comes crashing down.

I hear myself shouting, “Look out!” even though nobody’s outside, as the branch smashes right onto the roof of Shelly’s blue Toyota, shattering the windshield.  I hear her come up behind me, and she begins cursing. But after a minute or two, her curses turn into hysterical laughter. “Guess I don’t need to worry about the heater anymore, do I?”


Now it’s your turn!

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5 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – Stormy Weather”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

    Weather features in A Ring of Truth, the sequel to The Experiencers. A storm traps in a government facility three people desperate to save a friend from her brutal captors.

    “Stay here.” Michael pulled out his gun and rushed into the hallway.

    Everything was dim. Emergency lights gave off a feeble glow. He went to the lobby. The wind howled outside, the storm still raging. They’d have to patch up the hole where the doors used to be. The ground continued to tremble.

    The wind roared louder and trees on the other side of the parking lot bent to the ground. One large tree snapped in half and flew onto the pavement. Michael watched, horrified, while the helicopter he and Althaea had arrived in fell on its side and slid across the cement. The ground stopped shaking, but the wind and rain continued.

    Lightning speared from the sky, thunder crashing seconds later. He could forget about going after Carolyn anytime soon. Michael turned his back on the storm and walked away.

  2. Hi, I’m Wendy Lou Jones and I write emotional contemporary romance and in a recent book of mine, Finding Sarah, saw my heroine meeting her mystery man in a tremendous thunder storm. Thunder and lightning outside the barn and the world spinning within…

    It appeared to be a girl, or a woman, but just as he saw her, the storm struck. A flash of lightning scorched the sky above her, striking the trees on the far side of Nutt Hill. A deafening clap of thunder followed almost immediately after and he slewed his bike into the hedge and leapt clear.
    A sickening crack sounded as something big snapped and came crashing to the ground and he dropped his helmet and ran.
    The rain was pummeling the ground as he hurtled towards her and she was just standing there.
    Across the muddy field and up the slope his legs propelled him. Through the pouring rain, he could just make out the woman now putting her camera back into its case and hugging her jumper around her. Adrenaline surged through him. It couldn’t be?
    Another flash and thunder clapped right overhead as he reached out and grabbed hold of her wrist. “Come with me!” he yelled.
    Rain slammed the ground all around them and suddenly they were careering down the hillside, in the direction of an old farm building, half blinded by the rain as the wind flailed all around them.
    Gasping for breath and soaked to the skin, they reached an old store house and he hurled her inside.


    Thanks for having me. 🙂

  3. Great topic, not something that people think about very often. In my time-travel series, the two main characters (teenage siblings Brad and Kristen) find themselves flung back to some date in the past, and they usually have to spend a good part of that time outdoors. In Timekeepers: Good as Gold, they land in North Carolina… in June. Needless to say, it can be very, very HOT in NC. (Interestingly, I was writing the book in a very cold January, so I had to imagine–remember?–just how hot it could be.) Interestingly, weather (heat and cold) is one of the things that annoys Kristen about time travel. She can’t wait to be sent to a time in which there’s electricity–and air conditioning!

    Excerpt: Kristen tried not to notice the heat as her horse ambled lazily onward. Or the rivulets of sweat that trickled down various parts of her body. She’d dressed that morning for a cool, air-conditioned car, and here she was outdoors in friggin’ North Carolina in the middle of friggin’ June. Not to mention the friggin’ butt-ugly gunny sack Mrs. Reed had given her to wear. And which she was wearing on top of her regular clothes, no less.
    “Just what I need: layers of long clothing. In June.
    First chance I get, I have got to do something about that.”


    (Note: Book 1 of the Timekeepers series is free.)

  4. My new book series, Faith of the Fallen, is set mostly in Seattle. If you’ve ever lived there, the weather is a huge part of Seattle life. Because my main character is a vampire, it’s important to know if the sun is shining, or if there is a blizzard!

    You can see an excerpt from my new book, and nominate it on Kindle Scout at:

  5. I use weather to describe the setting. Most of my books are set in New England, where the weather is super temperamental, so that often plays a huge part. In my rockstar romance—the South of Forever series—the band goes on tour in Book 3 (What Happens On Tour). The weather in New England is its usual finicky winter self, but when they get to the warmer states, it’s a huge relief for the main character. (She loves wedge heels.)

    I also use weather to set the mood for scenes. In the first book in my mental health suspense—the Comes in Threes series—the first chapter opens with a storm and my main character’s mother having a breakdown.

    In my current work in progress, the weather actually plays antagonist later in the book—or is it a foil? 😉

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