Welcome Wednesday – St. Patrick’s Day

Welcome Wednesday – St. Patrick’s Day

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

This morning, we’re looking ahead to tomorrow,which of course is St. Patrick’s Day.  So in honor of that, tell us something about your book that relates in some way to St. Patrick, or Ireland generally.  You’ve got a lot of choices here: is there an Irish character in one of your books?  Does it take place in Ireland?  Does the color green feature prominently?  Are snakes involved in the story somehow?

Be sure to include a brief excerpt, if you want, and definitely leave a link so we can learn more about you and your books!

I’ll begin…


My upcoming book, FINDERS KEEPERS, features a charming Irishman whom our heroine isn’t quite sure she can trust:

He was tempted to do just that; walk away from her right now.  But aside from the practical considerations, he didn’t have the heart to leave her to face the Irishman alone, assuming he came at all.  He also didn’t trust her resolve; he’d seen how she’d looked at him, back at the hotel out in the suburbs.  And if the Irish could do one thing well, it was talk.  Especially ones like that Alex; there was no denying the man had a silver tongue.  He might charm the box right out from under her before she knew what was happening.

It’s available for pre-order on Kindle right now (on sale March 29) and you can actually buy it in paperback today!


And now it’s your turn!

(when you’re done here, please stop by Exquisite Quills, where there are daily memes just like this one and plenty of fantastic authors you can discover!)

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6 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. The hero in my upcoming release, HEARTS UNLOCHED, although not Irish, has the most gorgeous hazel-green eyes… .

    “Marco’s beaming smile revealed perfect, brilliant, white teeth through the dark, casual stubble on his face. An errant lock of wavy black hair had fallen onto his brow. His eyes were rimmed with the kind of thick, dark lashes women have to work so hard for. Now they glowed, not just hazel, but nearly green, flecked with gold. The intensity of his gaze caused Kate’s blood pressure to spike.”

    Learn more about Marco Lareci on my blog this week: blog.clairegem.com and plan on joining us Friday, April 1st, 3-9 p.m. for the Facebook Launch Party for HEARTS UNLOCHED: http://on.fb.me/1RztIn9

  2. My new series, the Rose of Anzio, is a WW2 coming of age tale that evolves into an epic love story, spanning the period between 1940-1945. In Book One of the story, Tessa Graham, a 14 y.o. girl from London was sent to live in Chicago for her safety. There, she discovers the city’s Irish community in Chicago’s infamous South Side, and begins to harbor a crush on Jack Morrissey, her jitterbug dance partner.

    is now available on Amazon. The Kindle edition will be on sale at $.99 from 3/17-3/28 in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and Easter (normal price $2.99). The paperback version is also on sale at $7.50 at

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Alexa Kang

  3. http://immortalrelations.blogspot.com/

    My Paranormal-Romance series is a unique story of vampires who, having been turned against their will, refuse to abase themselves by becoming like the evil ones who had attacked them. Now, they have banded together to fight against evil, be it vampires, human criminals, or politicians. Each book is stand alone; however, the third in the series is best read after the second. There is a warning that the first book in the series has erotic content. Readers will find the first of the second book has the major parts of the first book with less “togetherness.” Book number one is at: http://amazon.com/dp/B006ZCBT6G – Book two is at: http://amazon.com/dp/B00A4IEHL6 and book three is at http://amazon.com/dp/B00G5BQS18.

  4. Love the Irish, but don’t write about them, sorry to say. I’m wearing green tomorrow when I play a round of golf with my golf club…I hope the day offers a bit o’ luck to me! I must say that golf gets me out of my chair and out into the green of greens and fairways. As close to Irish coloring as I can get.

    Check out my series: the funeral planner suspense series…now 3 books strong and complete!

    Fadeout, Swoon and Faint (yup, the heroine has a fainting disorder!): http://www.amazon.com/author/rolynnanderson

    Happy St. Pats!

  5. Together, Again
    by Charmaine Gordon
    Now Available in All Ebook Editions!

    Together, Again
    by Charmaine Gordon
    A wealthy couple, no children in sight, answer the door one day to find a replica of the woman living there, titian hair green eyes and all. Charlie is her name and so begins the story. Years later, Charlie’s young twin sisters , now seventeen, are rescued by the same couple with a big heart. It’s a tale of love and hearts that keep on giving.


    Thank you for this lovely promo opportunity

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