Welcome Wednesday – Page 96

Welcome Wednesday – Page 96

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

There’s a game that authors on Facebook get tagged for every so often – we’re asked to open one of our books to a certain page and quote a few lines.  So that’s today’s theme.  Take one of your books, go to page 96, and give us the first 6 lines.  Be sure to tell us a little more about the book, too, and leave a link so we can learn more about it!

I’ll begin…

This is from page 96 of DREAM CHILD, book #3 of the Dream Series

“It’s – what I’m going to tell you will sound crazy, but it’s true.”  She says nothing; she just looks at me expectantly.  I debate for a moment the best way to say it, but I think just telling it straight is probably the best way to go.  Like ripping a band-aid off – do it quickly.  I take a deep breath, then: “Back when you were in college, the day you got lost on the hiking trail, I was the one who knew you were in trouble.  When you were unconscious, you were dreaming, you were calling out for help in your dream, and I saw you.”



Now it’s your turn!

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14 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – Page 96”

  1. First six lines on page 96 from my spiritual novel, Trusting the Currents. It has won 12 book awards and garners 57 amazing reviews on Amazon. Wonderful book for anyone going through a big change in their lives.

    “I continued my foolish talk anyhow as I was already in so deep. I would have said anything to get Rawley to accompany me. “I’m not lyin’, I swear,” I promised, crossing fingers extra tight behind my back because I wasn’t real sure what I seen there. It seems true magic always leaves a fragrance of doubt.“Jenny has this place where time disappears an’ you can…https://www.amazon.com/Trusting-Currents-Lynnda-Pollio/dp/0989195309/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465389870&sr=8-1&keywords=trusting+the+currents

  2. From HEARTS UNLOCHED, named Runner-Up in the 2016 New York Book Festival:

    Kate hadn’t yet decided whether she’d be running the show, or if she would hand it over to Daniel.
    Spare me having too much interaction with your boy-toy . . . .
    Marco’s words echoed in her brain, sparking her irritation. She’d love nothing more than to do just that—hand over the project completely to Daniel. But the move would be spiteful and childish, and Kate was, above all, a cautious businesswoman. Her new architect was talented and enthusiastic, but the key word was new.

    Trailer: Book Trailer
    Amazon: Hearts Unloched

  3. How fun, James. I’ll share. Mine is from page 96 of GOODBYE, MAGNOLIA, book #1 in my Cornerstone Series – contemporary Christian romance.

    He took the camera from over his shoulder and placed the strap around her neck. “Use mine.”
    “Thanks.” She was dizzy again, but not so much from the motion of the carousel.
    He moved his hand down the bar until it was resting on hers and placed his other hand on her waist. “For support,” he explained.

    Goodbye, Magnolia is about a broken-hearted wedding photographer and the rival photographer who sets up shop down the street from her. It’s a story of letting go of past hurts and learning to trust God to move forward. Learn more about it HERE.

    Thanks for letting me share. 🙂

  4. From the interlude ‘Artemis and Mother Web’ in my novel They Mostly Come Out At Night (released next week!):

    Not permitting himself to give in to fear, Artemis studied his would-be killer and began to learn from her. In the hours that she stalked him unsuccessfully, he learnt her weak spots, and found the courage to make small movements when the creature above was distracted. Eventually, he was able to move confidently about the forest floor again, and began to make plans for his escape.


  5. From THE LOVE OF A RAKE, Book 1 in The Brothers of the Aristocracy, a Regency romance:

    Arthur stared at the earl for a long time. Who was this man and what had he done with his brother? “Do I need to
    contact someone about having you admitted to Bedlam?” Arthur wondered aloud, his brandy all but forgotten and his cheroot burning so the ash was about to drop onto the Axminster carpet below their feet.
    Charles frowned at the obvious cut direct. “I am perfectly sane, I’ll have you know,” he responded, his chin angling up.

  6. Thank you, James *dives straight in*
    My 6 lines are from p 96 of ‘One Night at the Jacaranda’:

    Sita put down her glossy mag and looked at him. “How are you really, Sanjay?” Today she had blonde hair and purple eyelashes. Sanjay hoped to bollocks they were fake.

    He shrugged and plonked himself on the sofa. What was he actually going to tell his beloved little sister?

  7. Here are the first six complete lines from page 96 of my near-future novel DIVISION. The premise: conjoined twins Gordon and Johnny cannot be surgically separated and have lived and functioned in marvelous harmony — but a new procedure, involving cloning, could provide each with a separate body, and only Johnny wants to use it.

    Johnny’s lawyer is speaking in court.

    If we imagine what it must be like to depend on the consent, the whim, of another person for every action — for the satisfaction of every desire, no matter how petty, or, conversely, how consuming — then we may begin to comprehend what has led the petitioner to this courtroom.

    Thanks, James!

  8. First six lines of page 96 of the PRINT edition of Falling Dusk – my romantic urban fantasy with lots of fairies in it. The main character has gone out into the woods to try and take her mind off of everything that’s going on. She’s not in a great place right now – poor Anna.

    It felt strange, but good, to be a little way out of the city. It felt vulnerable to be alone. Yet, Lyssa’s advice felt solid. She needed to refresh her mind, to recharge. To forget about the dark events for a while.

    She only hoped the bad guys would let her do so.

    So far they had been unwilling to give her any time to herself. As if they sought her destruction by any means, be it through her death or insanity and burnout.

    Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01F9FAHRQ

  9. Jane had actually fallen asleep for a while after Cailte told her to hide. She had found a small stream where the tussocks of grass overhung the ribbon of water at the bottom. By inching back underneath the edge of the grass, she could hide in a sandy burrow she found under the bank. If someone stepped directly on top of her, they would find her to be sure as the dirt would collapse around her, but if Jane were lucky, they would stay away from here.
    She could hear the cattle mooing and the cries of the men.

    from Applegate Farm
    Thanks for allowing me to share.

  10. Burn in Hell, A Jake Carrington Mystery Page 96
    She took her clammy hand off the steering wheel and wiped it on her jeans. The right balance when speaking with Phil was important, if she wanted to live.
    She rubbed her temple to ease the pain after speaking with Phil. “Okay, let’s try again…Phil, I’d like to start by saying I enjoyed dinner on Saturday night. You’re a nice guy…no Kyra, start again. I just feel we should keep our relationship strictly business. After all you’re my boss which automatically puts constraints on us.” God, why did I agree to burn bodies for the mob in the first place?

  11. “You were lucky to have survived.”
    “Yeah, I was. The three other men with me were killed instantly.”
    “I know you have a tattoo on your chest honoring them.”
    Was that why she wanted the video? “Yes.” He’d gladly turn this interview to something about them instead of him. “Private 1st Class Jasper Holland. He was from Tennessee. He played the guitar and sang ballads to entertain us when we weren’t on patrol. We called him Jazz.”

    From Breaking Boundaries Book 5 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series
    Amazon: http://amzn.to/1MnSMuP

    Thank you for letting us share!!
    Teresa R.

  12. Till Life Do Us Part =paranormal, romantic suspense, released, tomorrow, by Solstice Publishing

    Fifteen minutes later, Patrick met the two young women in the garden. He looked across at Barbara and offered a reassuring smile that warmed her heart. “I’m glad you look well again. I blamed myself for what happened. Maybe if I hadn’t offered to help you move the boards …”
    “Perhaps I would have fainted in front of God knows who,” Barbara said and waved her hand.

    More about the book:
    Barbara Heyer can hear voices of dead people. They whisper of their deaths, seek comfort for those left behind, and occasionally even warn her about future events. But when Barbara’s brother, Colin, is accused of murder, it will take more than her gift to prove his innocence.
    Becoming smitten with the handsome investigator, Detective Patrick Fischer, is a serious complication given his assignment to her brother’s case. Barbara senses there is something far deeper—and perhaps much older—than the surface attraction between them. Could that be why she’s visited by a mysterious woman named Emma in her dreams? Could past life regression tie all the seemingly unconnected events together?
    Barbara and Patrick must overcome heartache to find the truth to save Colin, and perhaps themselves.

    Thanks James for allowing me to share!

  13. First six lines from page 96 of Gillian’s Island, a romantic suspense novel:

    The scream of the smoke alarm wrenched Daylin from sleep. Smoke invaded his nose and made his eyes water. It rolled in through the open bedroom door, thick, black, and oily.

    “Gillian.” He leapt out of bed.

    She jumped up, almost tripping on the covers in her haste.

    One sentence summary of the novel: A socially anxious divorcée confronts her greatest fears when she’s forced to sell her island home and falls for the dashing new owner.

    Available to read FREE with KU/KOLL on Amazon.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share.

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