Welcome Wednesday – Opening Lines

Welcome Wednesday – Opening Lines

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

We have a very simple assignment for all you authors today.  We all know how important beginnings are, so today I want you to give us the opening line(s) of one of your books – it can be one sentence, or up to a paragraph, whatever makes sense for you.

And be sure to leave a link to your book so we can read more about it, too!



I’ll begin…


It was another cold, damp, uninviting day in Oxfordshire, but the young woman in the beige raincoat didn’t pay the slightest attention to the miserable weather.

That’s the first line of FINDERS KEEPERS, book #1 of the Jane Barnaby Adventures…



Now it’s your turn!

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8 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – Opening Lines”

  1. Luke’s Redemption by Anni Fife. **New Release** 18 November

    The first time Luke Hunter saw Katya Dalca in the flesh she was running towards him. Okay, so it wasn’t really in the flesh, it was through the vertical crosshair of his scope. And she wasn’t running towards him, she was jogging back to her hotel. She was a quarter mile away, but with the jolt he felt deep in his gut, he might as well have been touching her.

    This is the first paragraph of Ch 1

    Available for Preorder Now. https://amzn.com/B01M4ITMS7
    Additional Buy Links on my website: http://annifife.com/

  2. Something Good, contemporary romance by Darlene Deluca:

    Lane started to shake his head, to dismiss the waitress without even looking up, but something in her voice stopped him. Drawing his gaze away from the document in his hands, he glanced at her as she poured steaming fresh coffee into his half-empty mug for the third time. Tired hazel eyes inside a pretty face met his.


  3. From my young adult love story, Aisuru, the first book in the Hakodate Hearts series.

    Sakura Takeshi wasn’t spending her birthday the way most eighteen-year-old girls do. She wasn’t getting together with her school friends for karaoke. She wouldn’t be going on a date with a boyfriend. There would be no cake, no drinking, and no wasting money on new things to celebrate. Of course, those girls would go on to be nineteen-year-old girls. She would not.

    The eBook version is currently in Kindle Unlimited for just a few more days, then it goes wide! 🙂

  4. “Doors never opened easily for Tom Capgras. The gatekeepers, those at the helm of life, know a trouble maker when they see one and at every turn they blocked his way.”

    Blood Read (Publish And Be Dead) – to be released on Nov 15th 2016.

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