Welcome Wednesday – Famous Last Words

Welcome Wednesday – Famous Last Words

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

Today we’re talking about last lines – the final line of a chapter, or a book.

Authors, share with us your favorite last line from one of your books (or a chapter within one of your books).

(and be sure to leave a link so we can learn more about your books!)

I’ll begin…

This is the very last line from chapter 11 of my most recent book, FINDERS KEEPERS:

All he could do was follow this madwoman and hope the old saying was true, that God really did protect fools, drunks and Americans.  And that it applied to everyone else in their vicinity, too.



Now it’s your turn!

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5 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – Famous Last Words”

  1. The final line of my first interlude in They Mostly Come Out At Night is fun:

    By morning, the stranger was gone, leaving behind him only an old man’s broken heart, three awakened appetites and three well-rested pigs.

  2. Hi, I’m Wendy Lou Jones and I write emotional romantic fiction. My last line today is from Chapter 12 of my latest book (you can’t seriously expect me to remember any further back than that, surely!? LOL) The book is called Sun on Sundays and is about a girl of 19 who only sees the man she has loved from a far for years, every other weekend… until someone steps in to change that. https://www.amazon.com/Sun-Sundays-Wendy-Lou-Jones-ebook/dp/B01ERWIQOI In retrospect, probably should have made this into 3!

    ‘The memory of the kiss he had stolen continued to burn away inside her, twisting her guts every time he was near, but there seemed never more than brotherly concern on his side now, though Maggie often teased her that there was, and the memory that made her shiver with each recollection had to be kept deep down, in a place where precious things are hidden, and once again she resigned herself to wait and hope.’

    (PS Don’t tell anyone else, but if it sounds like your sort of read, it’s going into an Amazon countdown deal tomorrow!)

  3. Here’s the last line of the first chapter from my contemporary romance, Two Wrongs Make a Right.

    But Quinn wanted to be alone, in her miserable apartment, with her thrift store furniture, binging on French desserts, and taking pleasure knowing the money she’d forced Brad to spend had his butt hole clenched so tight, he wouldn’t be able to crap for a week.


  4. “I wanted to see them, needed to see them, my never-ending reminder of the greatest sin I’d ever committed in my seventeen years of life: the sin of surviving.”

    The end of chapter two from my YA Romance, Deviations. This chapter is from Miho’s perspective and I think it really drives home the state of her mind and why she acts in certain ways or thinks in certain ways earlier in the story.

    Deviations as a whole is the story of MIho who is near her breaking point when she meets best friends Taka and Shinji, who have a world of darkness and pain of their own to deal with. Together, though, this trio find the love and acceptance they’ve longed for, but whether it will survive their messed up lives is another matter.

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