Welcome Wednesday – Does Your Book Have a Soundtrack?

Welcome Wednesday – Does Your Book Have a Soundtrack?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

We’ve talked in past editions of Welcome Wednesday about imagining our books as movies or TV shows, and who might play our characters on screen.  What’s something else that every movie and TV show has?

A soundtrack!

So today’s question is, does your book have a soundtrack?  Tell us all about it!

I’ll begin…


So I have this story that’s been in my head for YEARS, and I’ve never figured out how to write it.  I have a hundred page 1’s that never made it to page 2.  I have grand ideas about how it could be a TV series, rather than a book, and I have bits of screenplay written.  It’s a huge, epic time travel story, and if I could ever figure out the right way to tell it, it would be really, really cool.

But one thing I DO have for it is a soundtrack, and I came up with this a long time ago when I was envisioning it as a full-length TV series, so this list works best if you can imagine each song as being the main musical theme of an episode.  You can probably tell when I first came up with this story based on when the majority of the songs I chose date from…


This Must Be The Place (Talking Heads)

Steppin’ Out (Joe Jackson)

Moments of Pleasure (Kate Bush)

Like a Hurricane (Roxy Music live cover)

Humans From Earth (T-Bone Burnett)

King of the Mountain (Kate Bush)

Don’t Cry (Asia)

Heads We’re Dancing (Kate Bush)

Down to London (Joe Jackson)

Somewhere In Between (Kate bush)

Gunning For the Buddha (Shriekback)

To Turn You On (Roxy Music)

Love and Anger (Kate Bush)

Tomorrow’s World (Joe Jackson)

Me and You Against the World (Joe Jackson)

Trism (B-52s)

Amnesia (Chumbawumba)

Too Dizzy (David Bowie)

Losing My Religion (REM)

Ain’t It A Shame (B-52s)

Stupid Girl (Garbage)

New York’s In Love (David Bowie)

Lined Up (Shriekback)

Saving the Best For Last (Marc Cohn)

December (Collective Soul)

That Voice Again (Peter Gabriel)


Now it’s your turn!  Tell us all about your fictional world and be sure to leave a link so we can learn more about you!

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2 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – Does Your Book Have a Soundtrack?”

  1. Well, if the soundtrack to a book trailer counts, mine has one!

    For the Phoenix Syndrome, I was looking for something lighthearted and fun, maybe a little naughty–since the premise of the book begins that way. I ended up finding a fantastic website for royalty-free music, http://www.Bensound.com, where I found two pieces I meshed together for the trailer. It’s coming out Sept. 29 and is available for preorder now! Check out the trailer and let me know: did I capture the feeling I wanted to for this book?

    Book Trailer

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