Welcome Wednesday – a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Welcome Wednesday – a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

Let’s talk about pictures today.  It could be a book cover, or a photo of an actor who might be a good choice to play one of your characters in a movie.  It could be a photo or painting that was an inspiration for something in one of your books.  Or it could be artwork inspired BY your books.

Whatever it is, your challenge today is to share an image that relates to one of your books in the comments.  If you want to embed the image in your comment, here’s how to do it:

Get the link to the image you want to use, and then use the following HTML code in your comment:

<img src=”IMAGE URL” width=”200″>

Or, you can simply post the link to the image, on your website, on IMDB, on Amazon, on a museum website, or wherever it happens to be.

I’ll begin…


I’ve had original artwork commissioned on deviantart.com for my books – mostly for fun, or for sharing in tweets and so forth.  Here’s an illustration showing the characters of the Jane Barnaby Adventures:



Now it’s your turn!  Be sure to leave a link so we can learn more about you and your books!

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3 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. I really like your commissioned artwork! This “fan art” was a total surprise! A former student of mine who suffered a severe brain injury in an explosion gave me this pencil drawing of Mercy and Prince Valerian. His therapist encouraged him to read so he could get his fluency back, and he chose Mercy’s Prince! He said the characters and their story encouraged him so much, he wanted to draw them for me. (Before his accident he couldn’t even draw a stick figure.) I’ve never been so touched by a gift before….

  2. I don’t know HTML at all but I have a great picture and actor pair for the character Marai in my historical fantasy series Children of Stone. Is there some other way I can do this, like e-mailing you the pictures. They are not posted, on my sites. They are in my photo files.

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