Welcome Wednesday – A Little Romance

Welcome Wednesday – A Little Romance

Welcome to a new edition of Welcome Wednesdays!

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, what better time to talk about love?  Authors, share a romantic scene from one of your books in the comments.  Be sure to tell us a little about the book and give us a link so we can read more about it!

I’ll begin…

This is from the first book of the Dream Series, DREAM STUDENT.  Sara receives her first-ever gift from Brian…

Brian takes a deep breath, and then looks down at the box in my hands.  I tear off the paper, and it’s a jewelry box.  I slowly, carefully pull it open, and inside it – oh, my God.

It must have cost a thousand dollars.  It’s a necklace, with a very fine gold chain and–at one glance I know it’s real, not just costume jewelry–a small, beautiful emerald.  I don’t believe he–I can’t–it’s the most amazing thing.  My legs are shaking; I don’t know how they’re holding me up.  My heart is racing, and I feel short of breath.  I have no idea what anyone else is doing.  His mother is saying something, and so is mine, but that’s just noise.

“I thought it would set off your eyes,” Brian says, and his is the only voice I can hear.  He takes the necklace out of the box and I don’t even realize I’m turning my head so he can put it on me until I’ve already done it.  He drapes it around my neck, and I shudder at his touch.  He closes the clasp, and the emerald hangs down, and I look at it.

It’s perfect.  He’s perfect.

I turn back to him, look up into his brown, brown eyes, and I throw my arms around him.  I feel the tears start to flow for the second time today and I bury my head in his neck.  I’m not sure how long we’re there like that.  It could be forever.  There’s nowhere else I want to be.

Dream Student Cover (Smaller)

And now it’s your turn!

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8 Replies to “Welcome Wednesday – A Little Romance”

  1. Lucas could hear her more clearly now. I can’t find my sisters. I’ve searched everywhere. It’s like they were hidden from me on purpose.
    Her voice was even more beautiful than he remembered from his dreams. He scanned a deli across the street, but couldn’t see her. He then looked over to a bar called Andy’s Pub.
    There she was. He’d found her. God had blessed him with the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on.
    She sat at a high-top table sipping a pink-colored drink. Her long brown hair swayed as her gorgeous eyes, coffee in color, sparkled in the moonlight. She was a petite mortal. By his guess, she was barely five-foot-three.
    A mortal… She’d eventually die. Mortals lived such short lives, barely long enough to learn the wonders of this world. He’d outlive her, and he’d be alone once again.
    Demon King’s Desire, J.L. Sheppard

  2. An emotionally intense scene from Memories of You, Book I of the Lake George Series, newly released:

    Jason buried his face in her hair. She smelled like the forest, piney and fresh, mingled with the scent of his own shampoo from wearing his helmet. A little thrill gripped his throat, smelling something of himself on her.

    Like she was his. He wanted her to be his.

    He kept his kisses slow and gentle, starting on her cheek, following the line of her scar from her temple to her lips. Brushing across her mouth, he trailed his tongue along her jawline to her other ear, nipping at the lobe. Shudders ran through her when he nuzzled her neck.

    She was breathing fast, and her pulse tapped rapidly against his cheek. His restraint was wearing thin. Her hands were moving through his hair, down his shoulders, across his chest. When his lips found hers, his control evaporated. He slid his tongue between her parted lips and began his exploration of this woman who had, somehow, woven a spell over him.


  3. That was a very romantic excerpt, James! You’ve inspired me to leave one, too:

    Valerian held out a hand to Merry.

    “Can you stand? Are you well?”

    She nodded and let him lift her up.

    “Energy has been taken from me, but not as much as before.” Merry did not look away from his eyes. “I was so afraid I had lost you.” She began to tremble.

    “You are so giving, Merry. Mind to mind, and now breath to breath. I feel more and more a part of you.” Valerian leaned forward and kissed her gently.

    When he pulled back, she stared at him, afraid to look away lest this prove to be a dream. How had he become so dear to her in such a short time? She felt as if they’d known one another always. She was a part of him, and he was part of her.

    From YA fantasy Mercy’s Prince myBook.to/Mercys_Prince

    Her heart wanted to burst, and she hugged him, feeling his arms enfold her. She leaned her head against his chest, listened to the beating of his heart. Merry had never felt more alive than she did in this moment. It didn’t matter that he would have to marry someone else someday, that her future was a great unknown. Right now in this place and time she could stand here in his arms and love him with her whole heart. That was a gift no one could take from her and a memory no time would erase.

    Merry moved away first. Valerian’s face mirrored her own feelings, and she smiled.

    “I’m sorry,” he said quietly. “I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

    She took his hands in hers.

    “Don’t be sorry. I’m not. We have this moment together, and that is enough for me to last my entire life.”

    He kissed her hands and gazed at her with such tenderness as she’d never seen before. It greatly moved her to be the object of such love.

  4. This is from Build a Mate: Can a brother from another planet find love?

    Someone knocked. Not someone. Despite the heavy oak door she knew it was Homer. She opened the door. The snow on the sidewalk leading to her house lay undisturbed.

    “I know it’s late. I know coming here without preannouncement breaks protocol. I wanted, no, I needed to see you. To prevent frightening you, I arrived on this side of the door. May I come in?”

    Gremlins break-danced in her stomach. Letting Homer in her house would violate every how to stay safe when you live alone rule she knew. Just because he was a space alien didn’t mean he couldn’t also be a homicidal maniac. What did she really know about him?

    She knew he could have teleported into her house and hadn’t so he wouldn’t frighten her. She knew he hadn’t hit that man in some show of macho bravado, but to protect her. And she knew that if she didn’t invite him in, she’d always regret it.

    She opened the door wider and stepped aside. Her stomach calmed. If its gremlins still danced, they danced a waltz.

    Build a Mate Available on Amazon
    Janice Croom web site

  5. I don’t write romance, but there is some hints at it between the protagonist and his wife (of over 20 years), but they’re interspersed between other things.

    I can include her (new) favourite threat, and the first time he responded to it…

    From After Oil (Book One of the Kingdom of Walden Trilogy) by Kristan Cannon:

    “Your head?” she asked, her voice rising in disbelief, and he rolled slightly onto his side as he groaned. “You’re lucky to even have a head. Everyone told me they last saw you at the command post with Kevin, and then suddenly you simply vanished down into the ravine… and they knew you had the control… They told me you were under the bridge when you pushed that button. Derek… I thought you were dead and you promised me!”

    Derek sighed heavily, “Trust me when I say that my promise was never very far from my mind.”

    Marissa leaned over and leaned her head on his shoulder, half on his bed but without disturbing his bandaging. Eventually he found himself nodding off and she looked up at him, watching him as he tried to fight it. “You need to sleep. Dr. Assad said you have a serious concussion.”

    “I don’t doubt it,” he answered, yawning before drifting into the foggy between of sleep and not quite asleep.
    Marissa pulled the blankets back up over his shoulders, and patted his arm. “I swear if you ever do this to me again, I’ll tie you to the bed posts by your damn ties,” she threatened, but smiled knowing he could not hear her anyway. She leaned close. “Your most expensive ones, too.”

    “Promise?” came his whispered reply.

    Marissa pinched her nose and groaned.

  6. Here’s an excerpt from Untouchable Lover by Rosalie Redd

    Noeh’s voice brought Melissa out of her trance. She glanced at him, and her face warmed at being caught admiring his bedroom. His piercing stare made her squirm. She turned around, unable to hold his scrutiny for long.

    Glancing at her hands, she took a deep breath. Relax, Mel. This is just about getting nourishment. Don’t look at it as anything else. She inhaled and held it for a few seconds before speaking.

    “For Dren, feeding is very intimate. You don’t have to do this.”

    “You need to feed. I will do it.” Noeh’s voice was low and quiet.

    The tone sent shivers across the back of her neck. Her heart began to race, and she turned to face him once again. He covered much of the distance between them and stood mere inches away.

    This was wrong on so many levels. She shouldn’t be attracted to him. A memory of William with his gentle smile and kind eyes formed in her mind. Her chest ached.

    A door to her left connected to her adjoining room. The entryway offered a temporary safe-haven, one she needed in order to process her conflicting emotions. She brushed past Noeh and tried to ignore his unique scent that heightened her desire. Breathless, she peered over her shoulder. Frustration strained his mouth and the lines around his eyes.

    “I’m not sure I can do this. I’m sorry.” She grabbed the door handle, intent on putting as much distance as possible between them.

    He grabbed her arms, preventing her from fleeing. “Wait. Tell me what’s wrong.”

    His hands on her arms should have angered her, but instead, a strange sense of relief flowed into her body. She didn’t know how to respond, so she stood there, unmoving.

    “Please talk to me. I want to help.” His calm voice soothed her racing mind.

    Melissa relaxed, closed her eyes, and leaned her head against the door. “Please, I…need some space.”

    Noeh released her arms and backed away.

    Opening her eyes, Melissa took a slow breath and turned around. A strong, fierce male stared down at her with hooded eyes and full, parted lips. Her fingertips tingled with an overwhelming desire to reach out and touch the curve of his luscious mouth.

    What is happening to me? She shook her head and peered at the floor. A lump rose in her throat as remorse filled her, but whether it was for William or for Noeh, she didn’t know.

    “Tell me about him,” Noeh said, his tone coaxing.


    “The male you won’t let go.”

    Buy link options

  7. This is from Growing Up Neighbors – a novel that brings the reader on a journey through life’s ups and downs, and ultimately to love!

    “Oh, thank you so much, Debbie. And there’s something else I have to tell you too.”
    “What?” Deborah could sense the excitement in his voice and was curious as to what he was about to share.
    “I…I, um…I,” Nicholas stammered as he looked into Deborah’s piercing blue eyes.
    “You what?” Deborah was getting a little nervous because in all her life she had never heard Nicholas stutter except for when he had just woken up from his coma. Nicholas had a crazy look in his eyes too that added to Deborah’s apprehensiveness.
    “I,” Nicholas started but then decided to forget about words and, with urgency, went up to Deborah, put both hands around each side of her face and brought her lips to his for a hungry, passionate kiss.
    At first Deborah was shocked and stood frozen as Nicholas continued to try and deepen his kiss, but then she melted into it. She raised her arms up to wrap around his neck as both of Nicholas’ hands moved to the back to slowly slide down it and settle around the midriff, pulling her even closer.
    They stood there kissing fervently until Deborah stopped it to ask, “Wait. What are you doing?”
    “Well,” Nicholas started with a smile. “I was kissing you.”
    He then winked at Deborah, which was something she hadn’t seen in a long, long time.
    “Yes, but what for?”
    “Because I’m crazy about you. I think I’m in love with you.”
    “What?” Deborah asked with shock.
    “It’s true. I finally realized it just a while go. I mean, we’ve always had this special connection and I knew I had feelings for you for a long time. I was just a little unsure of how deep they were until recently. Like when you went to college and I couldn’t get a hold of you. That was pure torture for me, and I think it made me realize how much I cared about you.”
    “Yeah, but I think it also helped how good you were to me when I had my accident. I just didn’t think twice about it then.”
    “I see. Well, since we’re on the topic, I have a confession to make myself.”
    “You do? What’s that?” Nicholas asked, reaching for Deborah’s hand so he could hold it.
    “I love you too! I realized it when you had your accident. I kept thinking that if anything were to happen to you that I didn’t know what I would do.”
    Nicholas pulled Deborah in for a tight hug.
    “Well, I’m here and I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

    For more, please visit: http://www.amazon.com/Growing-Up-Neighbors-Frances-Hoelsema-ebook/dp/B00PJGYW40/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1451941257&sr=8-1

  8. From Cheerleader Dad a sweet romance with tween trouble making girls wjho want their parents to marry. Sitting at a small, round, iron table Jesse worked to keep his knees from bumping Lily’s. There was a softness about her that had nearly stolen his breath when he first spotted her from across the gymnasium floor. Only his concern for Jaycee had kept him from taking time to stare at her.
    She twisted a golden strand of hair around her finger. He’d like to play with her hair.
    When he’d put his arm around her shoulders, he’d nearly forgotten the original reason for the innocent gesture. Even through the soft outfit he’d felt the heat of her skin. If he hadn’t been stunned by his reaction to having her so close, he would probably have pulled her into his arms for a better hug. Not a good idea. Too public.
    unprepared for her mother’s delicate, natural blond beauty. Alex’s curly brown hair and dark brown eyes would mature into beauty, but couldn’t be as striking as her mother’s blond hair or dark-lashed amber eyes. Lily seemed skittish, maybe as aware of him as he was of her. She didn’t look directly into his eyes, almost as if she was shy.
    “Mr. Richmond–” she began.
    “Uh,uh. My friends call me Jesse, remember?”
    Her brows arched, her mouth quirked to one side. “How do I know I’ll be your friend?”
    For a moment he wanted her to be more than his friend. What would she think about that?
    “Mr, Richmond, you’ll probably need help getting uniform things together for Jaycee. I’ll be glad to help you.”

    For more of this scene, go to http://www.MaryMavella.com or buy the book


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