Virtual Book Fair & a New Book Discovery

Virtual Book Fair & a New Book Discovery

Please hop on over to the Facebook Virtual Book Fair…you can see me there, among dozens of other very talented indie authors.  Just click right here.

Also, I just finished a great novel.  I came across it randomly, and because its premise was similar to mine, I had to pick it up.  It’s “The Dream Jumper’s Promise” by Kim Hornsby.  My review of it on Amazon is right here.

I mentioned it in the review, but it’s worth emphasizing – Kim did an amazing job of really bringing Maui (the setting of the book) to life.  She made it a character in its own right, more than merely a setting for the action.  I was especially taken by that because it’s something I really haven’t managed to pull off in my writing, so I’m very impressed with writers who can do it (I’m trying to do it in “Queen of the Idiots” but we’ll see how well that comes off).

Anyway, I’d definitely recommend that you give Kim and her book a look. You’ won’t regret it.

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