Lots of news today!

Book #7 (“Dream Home”) is finished and in the hands of my beta readers.  It’s got a cover and a blurb and a launch date – May 23rd!


And here’s a tiny little snippet for you this morning…

“Joshua, relax,” I say, when he tries and fails to sit up.  “You’re in the hospital.  You fell and hit your head.”


I give him a bright smile.  “You remembered what to call me.  That’s a very good sign.  But I need to examine you.  I’m going to take off your gloves and unzip your coat so I can get a better look at you.”

“I haven’t had a woman try to take my clothes off since 1969,” he says, and I can’t tell from his expression whether that’s a joke or not.  He shrugs after a moment.  “Woodstock.”  For one ridiculous moment, I wonder, assuming he’s serious, if Aunt Kat was that woman.  She went to Woodstock, too.  Whenever I would ask her about it, she’d tell me that she had plenty of stories, but that I wasn’t old enough to hear them.

But that’s just silly.  Kat was in her early twenties, and Joshua would have been forty-six.  Besides, there were, what, a million people there?  “Really?”

“Really,” he says.  “I had to see Jefferson Airplane.  I had a thing for Grace Slick, what can I say?”

I have no idea how to respond to that.

I also, just last night, approved the audiobook for “Dream Family”, so now it’s in the hands of Amazon to do their quality control, and it should be up for sale in 3 weeks or so…


And here’s a quick sample (ten minutes)….

I also got the updated covers for “Waking Dream” and “Dream Reunion” up and live…

WakingDreamV1 Cover Smaller DreamReunionV1 Cover Smaller

Past that, I’m sorting out ideas for book #8, which will be called “Dream Vacation”.  I know for sure that it takes place in the spring of 2005, and that Sara and her family will be visiting Europe for the first time.  I already know what goes in the prologue, chapter 15-16 and the epilogue.  But there’s still quite a bit to figure out.  I plan to start on the book next month and I hope to have it out in November.

AND, I’ve got a pretty solid idea of what book #9 will be about, as well.  After that, there’ll probably be one final Dream Series book, which I know for sure will be titled “Dream Wedding” (I haven’t figured out WHOSE wedding yet!), and it’ll bring everything full-circle.

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