OK, so progress is being made on several fronts.

“Betty and Howard’s Excellent Adventure” is finished, pending final edits.  It’ll be up on Kindle and in paperback by the weekend.  Nicola Bryant will be recording it for audiobook on November 9th, so with luck the audio edition will be available by the first week of December.

“Dream Reunion” is at 55,000 words, with ten chapters written.  The end is in sight.  There’s only one thing I don’t know about the ending, but I think/hope that when I get to that point, I’ll know which way to go.

The audiobook of “Dream Child” is nearly complete; my fantastic narrator, Heather Jane Hogan, is up to chapter 15 (out of 16).  She should be done next week, and then it should also be up for sale on Audible and on Amazon by the first week in December.

Sadly, Heather won’t be able to record any more audiobooks after “Dream Child,” so I am searching for someone to pick up the series with “Dream Family.”  We’ll see how that goes.  I am SO grateful to Heather for her hard work, and for the fantastic job she’s done.

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