Upcoming Book Tours

Upcoming Book Tours

Virtual book tours, that is.  Me and my books are going to be featured in two of them.

The first is coming up Monday and Tuesday, just a couple of days from now!  It’s being run by the good people at Coffee Beans and Love Scenes, and I’ll be featured at 14 (yes, you read that right!) blogs over those two days!

You can check out Coffee Beans and Love Scenes, and the schedule for this tour is below:

May 13, 2013
Brianna’s Bookshelf
Coffee Beans & Love Scenes
deal sharing aunt
It’s All About the Romance!
Janna Shay’s Fair Play
Musings and Ramblings
Naughty Bits’ Book Reviews
Regina May Ross’s
Sweet n’ Sassi

May 14, 2013
Ali’s Books
Aspired Writer
Bunny’s Review
Danita Minnis
Love, Laughter, Friendship
Penny For Them…
The World As I See It

All the links above will take you to those tour sites, so check ’em out!

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