To-do List

To-do List

There are a LOT of things to think about when publishing one’s own books.  And I’m sure there are about a million things that I should be thinking about that haven’t yet occurred to me.  But here’s a brief list of what needs to be done between now and my target date (which I think will now be April 2nd, rather than the end of March, since March 31st is Easter Sunday, and then the next day is April 1st, and I am NOT releasing the books on April Fool’s Day!):

Finish proofreading

Receive and approve the final art for the covers

Upload the final files to CreateSpace and format them correctly.

Decide on the final promotional copy for the back covers and the Amazon description of the books.

Write a press release.

Distribute the press release.

Send email blasts to every single person I’ve got an address for.  Repeat as necessary.

Print up flyers using the cover art and a clever one or two line description of the books to hand out and to post in local businesses.

Contact local bookstores to see if I can get a couple of copies displayed in them.

Solicit reviews that I can use in my promotional materials and that can go up on Amazon and elsewhere.

…there’s more; this is just a start.

I forgot, of course, start writing the next book(s) so I can do all this again in a few months!

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