The End is (Very) Near

The End is (Very) Near

Only one chapter to go on “Dream Family”, and it’s also just gone over 100,000 words. 

I’m not sure if readers who liked the other books will like this one as much.  The mystery is really only a secondary part of the story.  The main plot is Sara’s recovery from the traumatic experience of going to jail in chapters 2-3.

Quality-wise, I think the writing in this book is the best of the four, and it’s got the most emotional depth.  I guess once all four books are out in the world, we’ll see what the reaction is. 

Here’s a bit from the end of chapter 13; Sara has just come back from a visit to see Rebecca, the girl whom she rescued from being murdered by Dr. Walters in the climax of “Dream Student.”  Sara hoped that Rebecca would have advice for her on dealing with the lingering effects of her abuse while in jail, and now she’s trying to explain to her daughter what she learned:

“Did she tell you?” 

“Yes, honey.  But do you want to know something?  You might not understand it, because…”

“I’m not old enough?”  I can hear the pouting in her voice.  I don’t blame her a bit; I never liked hearing that when I was a kid, either.

“This is one time it’s better to be young, actually.  I hope you don’t ever understand this.”  She’s thoroughly confused.  “When people get older, a lot of times, we make things more complicated than they really are.  We don’t trust anything that’s simple or basic or obvious.  And we definitely don’t trust it if we think of it ourselves.”

“I don’t understand,” she says.  I’m not explaining it well.

“Let me put it this way.  I already knew everything that Rebecca told me tonight.  But I didn’t believe it, until I heard it from her.  I thought of most of it myself, but I had to hear it from someone else before I really trusted it.  See, this is where you’re better off.  When you think of something, and it’s right and it’s true, you know it.  You don’t need anybody else to tell you.”

“I still don’t understand, Mommy.”

“Good,” I say, tickling her until she can’t help herself and she bursts out laughing.  “I hope you never do.”

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