“The Dream Jumper’s Secret” by Kim Hornsby

“The Dream Jumper’s Secret” by Kim Hornsby

A few months ago, I came across an interesting book, “The Dream Jumper’s Promise” by Kim Hornsby (here’s her author page on Facebook).   I had to take a look at it, because the premise (a person who can jump into other people’s dreams) is pretty much the same idea behind my Dream Series books.  I was curious what Kim did with the idea, so I bought and read the book.  She took it in a very different direction than my books do, but I loved the book.  I thought it was really well written, with characters that I wanted to spend more time with, and a story that kept me guessing (my review on Amazon is right here).

I only mention all that because Kim’s written a second book in the series, “The Dream Jumper’s Secret” (I say “series’ rather than sequel because the very last line of the book announces that the next book chronicling the adventures of Tina and Jamey will be out in the fall), which was just released yesterday.  Well, I bought it, and between lunchtime yesterday and a few minutes ago, I read it, and, just like the first book, I loved it.  Here’s my review, on Amazon.  Needless to say, I’d advise you to go out, pick it up, and read it right away, too (but be sure to read the first book, first – it’ll all make more sense that way!)


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