Sneak Preview!

Sneak Preview!

Here’s an excerpt, and an image, from FINDERS KEEPERS (coming March 29th, but you can pre-order on Amazon RIGHT NOW!):

“How did Burt Reynolds do it?”  Jane didn’t realize she’d said the words aloud until she heard a confused “huh?” from the passenger seat.

“In the movie.  ‘Smokey and the Bandit.’  And ‘Cannonball Run,’ too, I guess.  He was driving like a lunatic for hours and hours at a time and he never got tired.  This guy’s been chasing us for fifteen minutes and I’m barely hanging on.”

She didn’t need to look over to know Tom was rolling his eyes.  “You do realize Burt Reynolds wasn’t actually driving at all, don’t you?  He wasn’t a real person.”  Behind the sarcasm, Jane heard a bit of concern, as though he wondered if maybe she really didn’t know that.

“But it looked so realistic!  You’re telling me it was all fake?”  She couldn’t keep up the pretense, though; she began giggling before she finished the sentence.  She went on laughing, barely keeping control of the car, for almost a minute before she calmed down.  “Sorry.  I guess I’m getting a little punchy.  We have to do something to lose this guy.”

Jane in action

(illustration by artist Lina at

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