Sneak Peek Sunday!

Sneak Peek Sunday!

I’m participating in the Sneak Peek Sunday blog hop (you can follow along with the other fantastic authors in the Hop- follow THIS LINK to see them!).  So here’s a sneak peak at the work-in-progress seventh book of the Dream Series…

This is from the opening chapter of the book; Sara is dreaming, or, more accurately, watching someone else’s dream, about her:

The driver’s door opens, and a high-heeled shoe emerges – three or maybe even four inches, Sara guesses.  A leg that’s bare to the knee follows it out, and then the other leg.  When the rest of the driver is visible, Sara gasps: it’s her.

Not precisely her: even from this distance, Sara can tell that the woman down there is wearing more makeup than she’s ever had on in her life, and the woman’s suit is sharper than anything Sara’s ever worn.  But other than that, Sara is looking at herself.  She laughs at the image: it’s a perfect stereotype of what someone who gets all their ideas from TV shows would think a big-city doctor might look like.  Showing up in an insanely expensive sports car, with a suit that probably cost $5,000 and shoes that belong on a model?  There’s nothing else to do but laugh – except that the dreamer, whoever he is, actually sees Sara that way.  

Dream-Sara disappears from view – presumably into the hospital – and the man begins muttering.  Sara listens closely, and it’s more cursing than muttering, and directed at her.  Fear – and anger – spread across the man’s face.  “She wasn’t going to come!  Why is she here?”

Sara hears the clackety-clack of heels approaching, and a moment later the door is thrown open with excessive force.  Her dream-self stands there in the doorway, takes in the scene and turns her gaze onto the office’s occupant.  “You!  What’s your name?  Banks?”  Sara can’t help herself: she’s both horrified and fascinated by this vision of herself. 

“Dr. Bates,” the man says, fighting to keep his voice level.

“Whatever,” the dream-Sara spits.  “You’re in my office.  Out!  And take all your crap with you!”  She heaves a deep sigh and then stalks past the dreamer – poor Dr. Bates – and up to his wall of carefully-hung diplomas.  Then she reaches up and begins pulling them off the wall, tossing them carelessly behind her.  “Things are going to change around her, Banks,” she says, not turning to look at him.  “Things are going to change…”

Sara continues to watch, unable to look away, as the dream-Sara trashes Dr. Bates’ office, berating him all the while.  And as she watches, the meaning of this dream becomes crystal clear.  Oh, my God, she thinks, shuddering, I’m not even starting the job for four months!  How can I have an enemy already?


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