Sneak Peek – Back to the Beginning!

Sneak Peek – Back to the Beginning!

It’s Sneak Peek Sunday…when you get a look at an excerpt from one of my books, and from a whole bunch of other great authors.

By way of a Sneak Peek, this morning I’m going back to the first book in the Dream Series, DREAM STUDENT.  In this short excerpt, Sara is experiencing a very typical college student problem: a nasty hangover…

I need aspirin.  And then I need to vomit.  And then I need to die.  That might not be the right order.

This is why I haven’t gotten drunk like that since freshman year.  It was a great party.  Everyone was there.  Unfortunately for everyone, if the sounds I hear from the bathroom are any indication they all feel pretty much the same as I do.  Beth certainly does; “death warmed over” would be about ten steps up from how she looks right now.  I don’t even want to imagine how I look.

I–very slowly–walk to the bathroom.  I keep my eyes closed as much because I don’t want to see my reflection as because the light is so painful.  I stick my head in the sink, turn on the cold water and splash my face.

At some point later, I cup my hand under the tap and try to drink a mouthful of water.  It takes several tries before I can manage it.  I’m not sure how I keep the water down.  It seems like this task takes a good half hour.

I go back to my room, find my aspirin, open it, get three pills out.  It seems like this also takes a good half hour.  I take the aspirin, and thankfully they go down.  Maybe they’ll even stay down.  I slowly, carefully sit back on my bed and, an inch at a time, I get myself lying flat on my back.

I can hear the wind blowing against the window.  There’s a small part of my brain that knows it’s just a light breeze, gently rattling the screen.  But what I’m hearing right now is hurricane-force winds slamming against the window, shaking the entire building right to the foundation.

What did I tell myself last night?  We really ought to know better.

Remember, DREAM STUDENT is only the first book in the series, and you can see the rest of them RIGHT HERE!


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