Sneak Peek – Another Glimpse of “Dream Vacation”

Sneak Peek – Another Glimpse of “Dream Vacation”

It’s Sneak Peek Sunday – you can CLICK RIGHT HERE to get a look at upcoming work from a whole bunch of other fantastic authors.  And you can read on, to get a look at what’s coming next month – book eight of the Dream Series, DREAM VACATION!

Someone’s poking me, and there’s – what is that noise?  It’s grinding and groaning and it’s much too loud.

Landing gear.  And the poking is Ben.  And Lizzie.  We must be coming into Paris right now.  I – I guess I slept the whole flight.  I open my eyes, very slowly, and look over from my son to my daughter.  They’re both staring at me with concern.

“Mom, what did you mean, ‘Thank God it’s not Grace?’”

What?  I don’t understand.  I didn’t say – of course I did.  While I was sleeping, or just waking up.  I was dreaming, and I was – it all comes back.  The girl and her brother, visiting Jim Morrison’s grave and looking to buy drugs.  It was the girl, she was dreaming about buying drugs, and I saw it.  Of course I was glad it wasn’t Grace – that makes perfect sense.

“I was dreaming,” I whisper to Lizzie, and she gets it immediately.

“What was it?  What did you see?  And who?”

Who?  I never saw the girl before, or the brother, if that’s what he was.  Except, obviously I have seen her somewhere or else I wouldn’t be able to go into her dream.

She’s not from our town – her shirt said Yorktown High School.  I guess she could have been a patient at the hospital anyway, at some point.  But then why would she be dreaming about visiting a cemetery in Paris?

I laugh; it’s the only response to how slow I am.  She’s on this plane.  She has to be.  I must have seen her at the gate, back at Dulles airport, or walking past her row when we boarded the plane.

“I’ll tell you all about it later.  But look for a girl, blonde, long straight hair, a little older than Grace.”  Lizzie obediently does as I ask, and so does Ben, but none of us spot the girl.  And since we’re landing, we can’t get out of our seats.  We won’t be able to get up until we’re at the gate and ready to disembark.

Unfortunately, even then none of us have any luck.  By the time we’re able to start making our way up the aisle and out to the jetway, the girl is long gone.  She and her family must have been in the first few rows; they could be anywhere by now.

I saw her dream for a reason – I always do.  But I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it, in a foreign city with millions of people, while I’ve got my own family to worry about.  I can’t do everything, can I?

And here’s a SECOND sneak peek – this is a sample from the audiobook of WAKING DREAM, which is available now!


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