Quick Updates

Quick Updates

I got the final cover for “Dream Reunion” today – it looks great!

Dream Reunion-sm


I’m also up to 63,000 words and mostly done with chapter 11 of the book.  Only four more chapters to write.  And I think I’ve figured out the tone for the ending that fits what I’m trying to do, is totally in character for Sara, and isn’t a complete downer.  So I’m happy with that.

I’m waiting on the editing for Nicola Bryant’s recording of “Betty  & Howard’s Excellent Adventure” – hopefully in a couple of days.  And the audio for “Dream Child” is in the hands and ears of Amazon’s Quality Control people, and will be on sale in a couple of weeks.

AND, I’m going to be putting together a collected edition of the first five Dream Series books, to sell for $7.99 (or maybe $9.99, I haven’t decided yet) just in time for Christmas!  So there’s plenty going on!

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