Quick Reminder

Quick Reminder

Tomorrow is the big two-day free promotion for Dream Student on Kindle – it’ll be free to download Tuesday and Wednesday.  We’ll see if this works or not…

Also, I’m listed as a founding author on a new website, Ultimate Fantasy Books (it also includes Paranormal, which the Dream series basically is) – and there are a lot of other great writers there, so check it out.

And here’s a brief bit from the book-in-progress.  Sara’s just had another experience with the person who can do what she does, and pop into people’s dreams, and she’s not happy about it at all…

“No,” I say.  The thought hadn’t occurred to me.  Why would anyone want to spy on my husband’s dreams?  Unless – it is a woman, wearing a red dress, no doubt a slinky red dress that shows everything off.  I squeeze his hand harder, and I feel a rush of anger.

It must show on my face; recognition dawns in Brian’s eyes.  “You think it’s like Barbara,” he says.  Barbara, our neighbor way back in medical school, our married neighbor with her loser husband – who started dreaming about replacing him with my husband.  I think it’s exactly like that.  Except Barbara was in her own head. 

This – this – I’ve can’t think of a word bad enough to describe this woman.  Actually, yes I can, except I’ve never in my life said that word out loud, and I hate even to think it.  But, even though I know nothing about her, I’m pretty sure it fits her.  Anyway, she’s in Brian’s head.  Probably looking for ways to steal him from me.

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