Progress Update

Progress Update

Nothing much to report, but I want to get in the habit of posting at least every other day or so, if not more frequently.

So: another 1,000 or so words written on “Dream Child” (almost up to 25,000 now).  This one is going more slowly than either of the first two books.  I think the problem is that although I have a general idea of where the story will go, it’s not nearly as clear as either of the first two books were.  Both of them had more structure, for lack of a better word, to them.

I also tweaked another chapter of “Dream Student”; this is at least my fourth pass through the book, and I’m still finding the occasional typo or mismatched tense, and every time through I change the wording here and there on some things.  I think this is a good thing; it’s improving, even if only by small degrees, each time through.

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