Progress on “Queen of the Idiots”

Progress on “Queen of the Idiots”

I’ve finally managed to get into at least a little bit of a groove on the “other” book I’m working on.  I’m not sure why it’s so much harder to write this than the Dream Series books, but I’ve had some forward movement.

Here’s a quick excerpt – our heroine, Jane Barnaby, is driving her professor’s brand new car from Oxfordshire all the way to his archaeological site in Spain.  The drive is not going especially well…

Unfortunately, Jane was so busy thinking about how off schedule she’d gotten that she missed several signs indicating the approach of the exit.  The first sign she actually saw told her that it was 250 feet away.  And it was a right-hand exit.  She was four lanes over to the left.  Jane took a deep breath, muttered to herself, “Oh, God, I am an idiot!” and proceeded to cut off a taxi, a tour bus and what looked like a brand-new black Mercedes.

Jane only had a momentary glimpse into the Mercedes, but she was pretty sure that she saw a Styrofoam cup fly out of the driver’s hand and shower him with coffee.  She felt guilty, but only for a fraction of a second, just long enough for her brain to register the other Mercedes – the one directly in front of her.

The one she nearly rear-ended at fifty miles an hour.  There wasn’t enough space to stop, so Jane swerved onto the shoulder, passing the car on the left.  She didn’t start to breathe again for another mile.  After that, things calmed down somewhat.

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