Paranormal Love Wednesdays – “Waking Dream” edition

Paranormal Love Wednesdays – “Waking Dream” edition

Welcome to my stop on the Paranormal Love blog hop.  I’ve got an excerpt today from book five of the Dream Series, WAKING DREAM.  Throughout the series, our heroine, Sara, has had the ability to step into other people’s dreams.  She thought this gift (or curse) was limited to her own family.  But in WAKING DREAM, she discovers that she’s wrong, when she meets up with a strange woman visiting her husband’s dreams…

Where’d she go?  There was someone, I wanted – needed – to know who she was, where she was going.

It was a dream.  Brian’s dream.  And there was a woman, a woman in a red dress.  He was dreaming about a woman.  A woman who isn’t me…

No, that’s not right.  That’s insane.  Brian has never, ever given me the slightest reason to be jealous, and he never will.  Except – I was there, in his dream, and he had to hide her from me.  Right?  I was watching him give his presentation, everyone in the room was completely focused on it, they were all sitting there, mesmerized.

And then the door to the meeting room opened.  Someone inside the room opened it.  That woman, with her red? – yes, definitely a red dress.  And red shoes, with at least two-inch heels.  Not Brian’s type at all – nobody is his type, except me.

But she wasn’t sitting at the table.  There were a bunch of his co-workers, all men, all wearing suits.  And there were a bunch of Air Force officers, and they were all wearing their uniforms.  Nobody in a dress at all.

Until there was.  And nobody else seemed to notice her.  Nobody even looked up for a second to see who was opening the door….

WakingDreamV1 Cover Smaller

It’s also available as an Audiobook and you can hear a sample right here:

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