Paranormal Love Blog Hop – Back to the Beginning with Dream Student

Paranormal Love Blog Hop – Back to the Beginning with Dream Student

Welcome to my stop on the Paranormal Love blog hop.  Since this is the first time I’ve been on this hop in a while, I figured I’d start right at the beginning, with an excerpt from the very very beginning of the Dream Series – the prologue of book one, DREAM STUDENT

Suddenly, Sara isn’t in the lecture hall anymore.  She’s sitting somewhere else, on metal bleachers inside a large gym.  The bleachers are mostly filled, and every eye is directed towards a tall, dark-haired young man standing at the free-throw line, preparing to take the game-winning shot.

It takes her a moment to gather her bearings.  Sara has no idea why she’s in a gym watching a basketball game: she has no friends on the team, and she doesn’t even like the sport.  She has the oddest feeling that she doesn’t belong here at all, that she’s not supposed to be here.  And then she sees herself down there on the court with the rest of the cheerleaders. 

As soon as she sees that, she knows: this is not her dream anymore.  It has nothing to do with her.  The Sara in the cheerleader outfit is a character in someone else’s dream.  She doesn’t know how she knows this, but she has no doubt whatsoever that it’s true.  It’s crazy and it’s impossible and it’s happening just the same. 

Sara doesn’t know what to do; this is so far out of her experience that she doesn’t even know where to begin.  All she does know is that she’s in someone else’s mind–or somebody else is in hers.  When the young man with the basketball looks up from the court and sees her, locks eyes with her, it’s all too much. 

This isn’t supposed to be happening, Sara thinks, but she doesn’t know how to get out of his dream, any more than she knows how she got into it in the first place.  And then panic sets in–what if she’s trapped here, what if she can’t ever get out of his mind, or throw him out of hers, whichever it is–and she begins screaming…


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