Only one more day…

Only one more day…

…until the launch of LOSERS WEEPERS!

Here’s an illustration I had done featuring our heroine, Jane (in the center), with her best friend Jess on her left, and another friend from college, Tishy, on her right.

Tishy’s sudden engagement to a Scottish aristocrat is the event that starts Jane off on her adventure in this book, and it’s not much of a spoiler to say that Tishy probably shouldn’t get too attached to that absurdly large engagement ring she’s wearing…

Jane Jess and Tishy

Here’s a short excerpt, where Jane meets Tishy’s fiance for the first time…

Best to put it out of her mind.  Peter seemed to have done so.  “And likewise,” he said, smiling now.  Pat has told me so much about you.  She said you were thick as thieves at university.”

That was weird.  She’d never heard anyone call her friend Pat.  Her full name was Patricia, and the only person who ever used that was her grandfather.  Tishy had introduced herself as Tishy on that first day of orientation, six years ago, and never once called herself anything else.  Even weirder was what Tishy did when he said it.  Jane thought she saw her begin to cringe, catch herself, and then quickly glance over to see if Peter had noticed.

“We were,” Jane said, trying to put the weirdness out of her mind and keep it out of her voice.  Tishy was a grown woman, and she knew how to speak her mind.  If she really didn’t want him to call her Pat, she would have made it known.  “We had some good times.  But there’s plenty of time for those stories.  I want to hear how you guys met.”

Tishy opened her mouth, but before any words came out, she looked at Peter again.  Almost as if she were asking permission to speak.  That went well past weird and into maybe-she-was-replaced-by-a-pod-person territory.  He gave her the tiniest of nods, and she began talking, far more slowly than her usual mile-a-minute pace.

The book is out tomorrow morning, but you can pre-order it right now!

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