Only four days!

Only four days!

There are only four days until the official release of FEVER DREAM!  You can pre-order it right now, at:

Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)


Barnes & Noble (Nook or Paperback)

Apple iBookstore


Google Play

And here’s a sneak peek excerpt…

“Everyone goes to the zoo.”  I hear someone mumbling.

It’s me.  I said that.  And Brian heard me, too.  He’s staring at me.  He reaches over, takes my hands, and smiles gently.  “So who was dreaming about ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?’”


“I heard you,” he says.  “That’s what Sloane says when Cameron flips out, right before he kills the car.”

“You remember that?”  The dream comes back to me, but I’m more interested in the trivia that manages to stick in my husband’s brain.  “You remember all that from one line about a zoo?  I don’t even know what it means!”

“You did recognize the movie when you saw it, right?  I don’t know if I can stay married to you if you don’t even remember Ferris Bueller.”

“Of course I remember it!”  I hit him with a pillow, he hits me back, disarms me and kisses me.  Sometime later, after we disentangle ourselves from each other and recover our breath, I tell him about the dream in more detail.  Brian doesn’t say “I told you so,” which I appreciate, but he was absolutely right last night.


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