My Sexy Saturday

My Sexy Saturday

I’m participating in a blog hop this morning – My Sexy Saturday.  A whole bunch of great indie authors are sharing sexy moments from their books, and here’s one from book one of the Dream Series, DREAM STUDENT.  This is early in the book, shortly after our heroine, Sara, and her boyfriend-to-be, Brian, have met…

It’s still really cold outside but it isn’t bothering me a bit.  I don’t think Brian notices either.  “I had a great time tonight.  I hope you’re around tomorrow, we can go out?”

He likes that idea.  “We can meet for lunch.”

Nope.  “I don’t think lunch is going to happen.  If I’m up before noon it’ll be a surprise.  How about I call you when I wake up, OK?”

That’s just fine with him.  “There’s just one other thing,” he says, and the look he gives me is basically asking permission.  I mouth “yes” and he takes me in his arms.  I can see in his eyes–he’s found that place again.  As he pulls me close I find it, too.  He kisses me, and…

We kiss for what seems like a very long time.  I don’t notice my friends or the cold or the noises all around or anything at all, just him and how he feels, how we feel.

When it’s over, he turns away from me; he’s heading back into the club to find his friends and his ride home.  I whisper after him, “Thank you.  Thank you so much,” and he gives me a little wave before he disappears inside.

Wow.  It’s been too long; I’d almost forgotten how good it feels.  Just–wow.  That’s the only word for it.  I’m in my own little world, I don’t really pay much attention to Beth dragging me back to the car, I just follow along blindly.

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