My Sexy Saturday: Waking Dream edition

My Sexy Saturday: Waking Dream edition

Welcome to the My Sexy Saturday blog hop!  The theme is “sexy delight,” and I’ve got a scene from book five of the Dream Series, WAKING DREAM….

“Grace, can you watch everyone for a couple of minutes?  I need to show Uncle Brian something.”  Without waiting for an answer, I drag Brian with me back to my personal office, lock the door, and…


I don’t even know how it happened, but he’s sitting in my desk chair, a shell-shocked expression on his face.  I’m on the floor, on my knees, my hands in the midst of unbuckling his belt.  “Yeah,” I say, taking a deep breath and getting to my feet.  “This probably isn’t the time or place.”

He’s recovering his composure, and a hint of disappointment crosses his face.  “Nope.”  He’s right to be disappointed; I meant every word I said to him on the phone Christmas Eve.

“Friday,” I say, still not quite recovered myself.  “My parents can watch the kids for the night.  Deal?”

“Deal,” Brian agrees, standing up and planting a kiss on me.  “Definitely.”

I’m still shaking when we walk out of my office and back to the waiting room.  Grace gives me a look, and all I can do is sigh.  “I had a talk with her,” I whisper in Brian’s ear.  “I’ll tell you all about it later.”  In the meantime, he’s going to take the kids home while I finish out the afternoon here.


The book is available on Amazon, and also as a fantastic Audible Audiobook!

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