My Sexy Saturday – Waking Dream edition (again!)

My Sexy Saturday – Waking Dream edition (again!)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  The theme this week is “My Sexy Galaxy” and it’s a nod to science fiction themed books and excerpts.  I don’t really have one of those, but I do have a fantasy-themed one, from WAKING DREAM.  It’s bedtime for Sara and Brian’s kids, and the bedtime reading is Harry Potter…

I can’t help myself; I’m quickly engrossed too.  I don’t even hear Brian come up behind me.  I only know he’s there when I feel his arm around me and my body automatically leans into his.  He doesn’t say a word; we both listen silently as Grace reads along.  The twins both gasp in fright when she reads about Harry and his friends running into a giant three-headed dog.  And when Grace describes the reaction of the girl in the group, complaining that they all could have been expelled from wizard school, she reads the dialogue in what sounds suspiciously like an imitation of my voice.  Brian gives me a quick pinch, and Lizzie glances back at me as well.  Everyone’s in on the joke, except me.

I force a weak smile.  But I’m not like that girl at all!  They’re lucky I’m not.  If I had a magic wand and I could turn people into frogs, the house would be full of hopping and croaking right now.




I still haven’t decided whether I forgive Brian or not.  I’m nothing like that silly, bookwormish girl, studying all the time, running to the library at the drop of a hat…

Who am I kidding?  I’m exactly like her, aren’t I?  “It still wasn’t funny,” I say to Brian, but I can’t be annoyed with him when I’m lying on the new bed he picked out for me, surrounded by the furniture he remembered I liked best, in the house that he bought.  “Well, maybe it was a little bit funny.”

He turns to me, wraps his arms around me.  “You’re the one who told me you never learned to ride a bike because you could walk to the library and there wasn’t anywhere else you needed to go.”  That’s true.

I put my arms around him, pull myself closer.  “I guess it’s for the best,” I purr.  “If I wasn’t so smart, I might not have picked you for a husband.”

You picked me?”  I wrap my legs around his, then I reach up and take his face in my hands.  I kiss him slowly, deeply, and I don’t let him go for what seems like forever.  Finally, much later, when his breathing is close to normal again and he can focus his eyes properly, he says, “OK, you picked me…”

WakingDreamV1 Cover Smaller

It’s available on Amazon, and also as a fantastic Audiobook!


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