My Sexy Saturday – Mystery Edition

My Sexy Saturday – Mystery Edition

Welcome to my stop on the weekly My Sexy Saturday blog hop!  This week’s theme is Our Sexy Mystery, which is convenient, since the Dream Series books all feature mysteries in their main plot.  So here’s seven paragraphs from book three of the series, DREAM CHILD, in which Sara and Brian are spending some quality time together and trying to figure out what exactly is going on all around them…

We go over and over those questions for a while – just like old times, really.  And just like old times, we don’t come up with anything.  Finally we’re all too tired to continue.  Brian and I retire to bed, and Susan settles onto the surprisingly comfortable – at least my mother says so – sleeper sofa.

The twins are, thankfully, both asleep, and with any luck they’ll let us get a good night’s rest, too.  When we get into bed, Brian holds me much tighter than usual.  I’m glad he’s doing that; I need it.  “You never said exactly what happened after Sorrentino left,” he says.

“I don’t want to think about that right before I go to sleep,” I say firmly.  I don’t want – Oh, God.  It only now that something occurs to me – I should have realized this afternoon.  I only see the dreams of people I’ve met.

I let out an extended string of profanity that would make the most hardened sailor proud, and Brian is shocked – for about two seconds.  Then he gets it – he knows exactly what I’m thinking, and he squeezes me even more closely to him.  “Do you – what can I do?”

“I’d say you should keep me awake all night, so I don’t have to dream at all,” any other time, I would have said that invitingly, but not now.  “Unfortunately I’ve got a sixteen hour shift tomorrow, and twenty-four hours on Wednesday.  I need to sleep now, no matter what I’ll see.”

Brian loosens his hold on me and starts caressing my face with one hand, running the other gently from my neck all the way down my back.  He’s amazing; his touch now is almost exactly the same as it was Friday night in the hotel room, and yet it’s also completely different.  How can the same hands touching me in the same places arouse me then and soothe me now?  He ought to teach a class, except I wouldn’t want to share him.  He’s mine, and nobody else’s.

I feel myself loosening up, the tension just draining away, my eyes closing…


DREAM CHILD is available both on Amazon and also as a fantastic Audible Audiobook!


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