My Sexy Saturday – July 4th edition!

My Sexy Saturday – July 4th edition!

Welcome to the My Sexy Saturday blog hop!  The theme this week is “Keeping it Sexy” and the suggestions are all about the things couples do for each other to keep the relationship going.  I’ve got a great excerpt of exactly that kind of scene, from book five of the Dream Series, WAKING DREAM

Brian is right beside me, but he takes half a step back and lets me put the key in the lock.  “You ready?”

“I think so,” he answers.  “Besides,” he says with a laugh, “it’s too late to back out now.  They cashed the down payment check already.”  I insert the key, turn it, and listen to the lock click open.  The doorknob turns, but not without difficulty – something else to add to the list.  And then, suddenly, there’s a hand on my back and another one at my knees, and I let out a yelp as I’m lifted off my feet.

I should have known – of course Brian’s going to carry me over the threshold.  I throw my arms around his neck, lean up and kiss him.  He’s not shaking or shuddering at all as he kisses me back; every muscle in his arms is rock-solid.  Up the single step he goes, through the doorway and into our new home.  I kick out and catch the door; it slams shut.  Brian isn’t putting me down.  He’s heading – no, he’s not going to…

Yes, he is.  Up the stairs.  Now I can feel him shaking a little, and his breath is getting short as he takes one step after another.  Those rock-solid muscles are trembling, but he’s still got me, and I feel perfectly safe.  There’s nowhere on Earth I’d rather be than in his arms.

He keeps going.  I don’t know how he’s managing this.  He’s halfway up now, and he stops for a moment.  I hear a creaking sound that I hope is the stairs, and not his ankles or his knees.  I’m sure he’s going to put me down, but he summons a burst of strength from somewhere deep inside and just like that we’re at the top.

It’s only a few steps from there into the master bedroom and – oh, my God!

It’s fully furnished.  How – when – I don’t understand…

The next thing I know, I’m lying on the bed – the brand new bed that I didn’t even know we had.  And then he’s lying next to me, completely out of breath, his arms shuddering with the effort of hauling me all the way up here.  I let him take a few minutes to recover, while I look around at our new bedroom.

It’s available as an Audiobook as well!



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