My Sexy Saturday – Fever Dream edition

My Sexy Saturday – Fever Dream edition

So it’s time for this week’s edition of My Sexy Saturday, and I’ve got an excerpt from the brand new Dream Series book, FEVER DREAM!

While I shower, I tell Brian about my dream.  He’s appalled, just as I was.  Whatever good Edgar Spinner may do as Attorney General, it doesn’t outweigh the things I’m seeing in his dreams.  He truly is a horrible man.  “He’s definitely lost my vote for governor,” I say.  Brian nearly laughs at that, but his face falls when I add a moment later, “If I get one.  I might be in state prison by then.”

“We talked about that last night,” he says with exaggerated patience.  “Whatever’s going on, we’re going to beat it.  You know that, right?”  I don’t answer, and he goes on, “Sara, don’t make me come in there.”

I do, though.  When I still don’t respond, he steps into the shower, pajamas and all, embraces me, and then he – that’s not fair!  Stop it!  I can’t – he’s tickling me, and I can’t stop myself from laughing.  I can’t speak – I can barely breathe – I hear myself, laughing uncontrollably, and then the tickling stops suddenly.  His hand moves to my stomach, and then down, down, down, and suddenly I’m not laughing anymore.  I gasp, and again, and it takes every ounce of self-control I possess not to scream loud enough to shatter every window in the house.

The next thing I know, my legs are collapsing out from under me, and Brian is slowly, carefully lowering me to sit on the floor of the shower.  I – I can’t even remember what we were talking about before he – before that.  I guess that was the point, wasn’t it?

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