My Sexy Saturday – February 27

My Sexy Saturday – February 27

Welcome to my stop on the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  Today’s theme is Our Sexy Paranormal Love, and I’ve got an excerpt from book two of the Dream Series, DREAM DOCTOR.  This is one of the moments where Sara’s ability to step into other people’s dreams causes some problems for her relationship with her husband…

Of the few fights we have had, I don’t think we’ve ever had a really awful one.  But I think we’re about to.  I see it in his face; his anger is winning out over his worry about me.  “What the hell were you thinking?”  I know I’ve never heard that tone from him; I shrink back into the bed and put my hands up.

“I didn’t know when I’d have another chance.  You know the dreams – I have to do something.”  I try not to sound too defensive, but I don’t think I manage it.

“Yes, but you don’t have to do it alone.”  He turns away from me, pokes his head outside the curtain again.  Clearly he still doesn’t see anybody outside the room. He continues in a quiet voice that’s much worse than yelling would be: “And you don’t have to do something so risky.  What if you got caught?”

I know, I know.  “I looked.  There was nobody to see me.”  I lower my voice, too, just in case.

He scoffs, and though he lowers his voice still further, his tone is even sharper, almost cutting.  “No, you thought there was nobody.  You hoped.  You bet our whole future on a hope.   You were right, but that doesn’t make it OK.”  I don’t like his tone at all.  Nobody – well, nobody I care about, nobody I love – has ever spoken to me like that before.


It’s only $0.99 on Kindle!  And it’s also available as a great Audible Audiobook!

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