My Sexy Saturday – Back to Dream Doctor

My Sexy Saturday – Back to Dream Doctor

Welcome to my stop on the My Sexy Saturday blog hop!  The theme this week is “My Sexy Man,” and you’d think I’d feature Sara’s husband, Brian.  But I’ll throw a little curveball, and spotlight another character.  He’s a friend and fellow medical student of Sara’s in book two of the series, DREAM DOCTOR.  in this excerpt, Sara gets a little bit distracted by her colleague…

Then it’s on to dissection.  Today we’re working on the shoulder.  We have to survive a quiz reviewing the muscles of the back first, but each of us answers Dr. Haynes’ questions correctly and we move on.

Paula starts and I read for her as she begins with the deltoid muscle.  I catch Janet looking at Joseph’s right shoulder as I read, and I can’t help but look, too.  He does have some very-well developed muscles there, I must admit.  Probably from all the work he did getting his basement finished.  He doesn’t even realize we’re staring; he’s so focused on watching what Paula’s doing.

“Excuse me!” Paula snaps, and I shake my head.  How long was I staring at Joseph?

“Sorry.  Where was I?”  I blush, and try to pick up where I left off reading.  Paula is frosty to me for the rest of the session, and Joseph teases me mercilessly.  I guess I deserve it.


It’s available on Amazon, other ebook retailers, and on Audible Audiobook.  AND, it’s on sale for only $0.99!



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