My Sexy Saturday – A Trip With Betty & Howard

My Sexy Saturday – A Trip With Betty & Howard

Welcome to my stop on the weekly My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  Today’s theme is:

This week’s theme is A Long Sexy Time and it’s all about those who have loved another for a long time. This love could have started when they were kids, when they were dating or even from afar. The point is that one character has loved the other for what seems like forever.

Well, in the Dream Series, Sara’s parents, Betty and Howard Barnes are still madly in love, after 25+ years of marriage.  And in the short story “Betty & Howard’s Excellent Adventure”, they take center stage, as Betty writes home to her best friend about her first ever European vacation.  Here’s an excerpt showing our heroes and how their love has lasted for so long:

Three nights ago, after our walk down to the beach, and a wonderful dinner and a drunken game of charades (don’t ask), we went up to bed.  Howard shut the door and came over to me.  I was already on the bed, and he sat next to me.  “Betty,” he said, “you want to know something?  That girl,” Claudia, obviously, “is really something.  But she’s got nothing on you.”  He was staring into my eyes, losing himself in them the way he always has, right from the very first time we met.

I believed him, even though the objective truth is that if you gave me a team of plastic surgeons, every product in the beauty department at Nordstrom’s, a time machine and three wishes from a genie, I still could never compare to that girl.  But in Howard’s world, I’m the only woman there is.  And he’s the only man for me.

Still, you know me, Kat.  I looked up at him, batted my eyes, and used “the voice” on him.  You know exactly what I mean.  Remember how we used to sit up all night in your bedroom practicing until we got it perfect, so that no man would be able to resist us?  I can still do it!  “You’re just trying to get me into bed, Mister,” I said.

He gave it right back to me.  “I’ve already got you in bed, lady.”

The story is FREE on Kindle, and it’s also available on Audible, where it’s narrated by Doctor Who star Nicola Bryant!  You can listen to a sample of it right here:

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