March Madness (the Clean Indie Reads Blog Hop)

March Madness (the Clean Indie Reads Blog Hop)

March Madness

Welcome to the Clean Indie Reads blog hop – a whole bunch of great authors getting together to celebrate the coming of Spring and to tell you all about ourselves.  You can visit all the other great writers participating RIGHT HERE!

So since we’re talking about Spring, I have to say that I’m actually much more of a winter person, myself.  And it shows in my books.  I’ve got eight Dream Series books out so far, and only one, the most recent, DREAM VACATION, takes place in the springtime.  Most of the books happen right in the middle of winter.

Part of that is due to my preference, as I noted.  I suppose my stories just naturally gravitate there.  But it’s also because the big family holidays are there – Thanksgiving and Christmas, and holidays are always a good excuse to put characters together.

DREAM VACATION, though, had to take place in the spring, partly because it takes place largely in Paris.  And when you think of Paris, springtime is the season that I think most people would associate with it (even though my only visit there was in a December several years ago, I think of it as a springtime place myself).

EiffelInside = Brightened

(Even though the above photo was taken in the dead of winter, it still looks spring-y, doesn’t it?)

All of us authors have gotten together for a great giveaway, too – just click below to enter!


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