Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

As I noted the other day, I’ve got three more books (probably) mapped out in the Dream Series, following the launch of Dream Home next month.

Dream Vacation will be book #8 in the series.  It’ll take place in the spring of 2005, and Sara and her family will be going on a vacation to Europe (not much of a spoiler, considering the title!).  But, as usual, Sara’s supernatural dreams will be coming along with her…

Shattered Dream will be book #9, and, as the title suggests, Sara will be facing some serious adversity.  It’ll take place in the spring of 2007.

Dream Wedding will (probably) be book #10 (unless I have another idea for a story to come before it).  From the title, you can probably guess at least one thing that happens in the book, although I’m not sure yet who it will happen to…

So there you go…

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