Just one more day…

Just one more day…

The new book, FEVER DREAM, is out tomorrow!  But it’s available for pre-order at basically every e-book retailer you could possibly shop from:

Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)


Barnes & Noble (Nook or Paperback)

Apple iBookstore



Google Play


And here’s one more sneak peek before tomorrow…

It’s six-thirty when we emerge from the shower.  We had to; neither of us was in any state to rejoin the rest of the family after I got through showing Brian exactly how I’m feeling.  But now we’re both clean, and both in an extremely good mood – even if I am a little bit sore.

Brian starts to put his pajamas on, and I protest, “You can’t put those on!  They’ll all know what we were doing!”

He gives me a gentle smile – so much like the one my father used to give me when he was explaining something I ought to have figured out for myself.  “I think they already know.”

“But I was quiet!”  It was not easy.  It never is easy to keep my feelings to myself when we’re in bed.

“Yes.  But your parents and our children aren’t idiots, Sara.  Maybe Matty doesn’t know, but he won’t think anything about my pajamas anyway.”  I suppose he’s right.  I’m about to say so, but before I can, he grins and says, “If it’s any consolation, Chrissy probably doesn’t know, either.”  And then, fully dressed now, he opens the door and heads out into the hall before I can think of an appropriate response to that.

We’re greeted by all of our children in the living room.  I catch Stephanie whispering to Lizzie, “I told you so!” and I glare at Brian.  He just shrugs back; what is there to say, anyway?

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