Jessie’s Girl

Jessie’s Girl

I learned something new about Sara this morning – as a budding teenager, she was a big Rick Springfield fan.  I had some help from good folks on Facebook – I reached out for suggestions as to which celebrity a teenage girl might find herself obsessing over in 1981 or so (when Sara was 13 years old).

The reason this comes up in the new book is because of this little bit that I wrote last night:

The subject is soon dropped, and we move on to other topics.  Ben asks if my parents want to stay until bedtime so that they can hear Brian read to them.  “We’re reading ‘The Hobbit!’  Did you ever read that, Grandpa?”

“Who do you think read it to your mother when she was a little girl?”  I wasn’t the best audience for it – my brother liked it a lot better than I did.  But I love listening to Brian read it now, and all the kids do as well.  I’ve forgotten so much of it that it’s mostly new to me, and I’ve never read the rest of the books.  Brian is determined to get through “The Hobbit” and also “he Fellowship of the Ring” so we’ll all be prepared when the movie comes out in December.

The thing I love most about it is how excited he is.  The kids are really picking up his enthusiasm, too.  Especially Grace – she seems to be developing her first serious celebrity crush.  She’s fixated on the actor who plays one of the elves in the movie – Orlando Bloom, whoever he is.  I’d never heard of him until she pinned up a poster of him on her bedroom wall.  She’s counting the days until the movie is out.

A little later (I haven’t written this yet), Sara’s going to think back to her own first celebrity crush…so I needed to figure out who it was…

On a different topic, the books are featured today at Richard Stevenson’s site…check it out!

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