As in, if you want to interact with me, ask me about the books, or anything else along those lines.

There are a couple of new ways to do that.  One is to sign up for my newsletter.  I’m looking to make it semi-monthly (is that right?  I mean every other month.  Is that “bi-monthly”?  I always get confused!) or maybe even motnhly, although that might be a bit too much like spam for some people’s comfort (especially because there would be additional emails when new books are launching).

Anyway, the signup form is on the right side of the screen – right there where the boxes are to enter your name and email address (and, really, you only actually need to enter your email – you can leave the name boxes blank).  Just fill in your email address, hit “subscribe” and Bob’s your uncle (if anyone knows where that phrase comes from, I’m curious to know!)

I’ve also set up a discussion group on Goodreads for the Dream Series books.  Just click here, and you can join the group and discuss the books, ask me questions about them, and so forth.  It’ll be fun.  I promise!

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