Indie Author Spotlight – Nicoline Evans and “Haemans”

Indie Author Spotlight – Nicoline Evans and “Haemans”

I’ve got another great indie author for you this morning – Nicoline Evans, with her novel “Haemans”



My name is Nicoline and I love to invent new worlds for readers to get lost in. My goal while writing is to create a safe place for people to forget about the heavy things in their own lives, even if it is only for a few hours of the day. 

I graduated from Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ as a communications major. After taking every creative writing course they offered, I realized writing was my passion. 

Random things about me? I am a certified scuba diver, I revel in new adventures, and I believe in all things magical. 
You can follow her at her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
And here’s her book…
Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Russia has undergone drastic changes. When descendants of the lost royals are discovered, they are thrust into the spotlight. They use their power to corrupt the population, turning those who succumb to their addiction into freakishly strong and morally unhinged individuals. These addicts are known as haemans. Those who escape this terrifying new culture must live hidden in the forested outskirts, far away from the danger that now engulfs the cities. HAEMANS follows the tragic love story between one escapee and one haeman.
You can buy the book at
And, I’ve got a great interview with Nicoline…
Who is your favorite author? I don’t have a favorite, but I really enjoy Neil Gaiman’s writing. 
How do you describe your writing style? I would describe my writing style as whimsical. I like to add a component of darkness to everything I write. I think it is important to keep this element alive within writing because it encompasses some of the strongest forms of emotion. And I think it is important to be reminded that no one is alone in their sadness. 
Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book? “Haemans” will captivate you on levels you never knew existed. It is a novel filled with deep sorrow, wrapped up in an enticing package of fantasy, adventure, and thrill. 
Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself? No. None of my characters are based of me or anyone I know. I do take elements of emotions I have felt, or seen loved ones go through, then warp them into the stories I create. Everything is better with a fantastical twist.
If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why? Yikes. Not sure I’d want any of their lives! But I suppose I would choose Princess Milena. She is the least emotionally tortured character of the bunch.
What books have most influenced your life? Probably a typical answer, but the Harry Potter series. I often dream of living in that world.
If you could select one book that you could rewrite and add your own unique twist on, which book would that be and why? I don’t really like the idea of changing other people’s creations. It is what it is for a reason. But if I had to take a story I genuinely enjoyed and put my spin on it, I could see myself taking “Everlost” by Neal Shusterman and adding a more adult aspect to it. Possibly making it a bit more dire, creepy, twisted.
Beatles or Monkees? Why? THE BEATLES. Forever and ever. Can’t even be compared to the Monkees. The Beatles music touches people’s souls in ways that will resonate until the end of time. Besides creating amazing melodies, their lyrics hit the most fundamental human emotions that are often times over looked. For example: “In My Life”. Just read those lyrics and tell me you aren’t moved.
Who should play you in a film of your life?  Oh man, no clue. Probably someone who is still undiscovered. I’ve never thought about this, so I’ll need to get back to you!
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