Indie Author Spotlight – Jane Goodwin and “Heart of the Witch”

Indie Author Spotlight – Jane Goodwin and “Heart of the Witch”

I’ve got another great indie author to introduce to you today.  She’s Jane Goodwin…

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Judy Goodwin developed a passion for writing at a young age, creating picture books from the time she could read and write. She continued this passion throughout her schooling, earning her BA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Along with the passion for English came a love of all languages, and Ms. Goodwin went on to study other languages as well, including German, French, and Japanese. She spent time as an exchange student in Germany, which helped to develop her love of other cultures.
She has published short stories in small press and online magazines including Space and Time, Dreams and Nightmares, and Beyond Centauri. With the advent of eBooks and indie publishing, she decided to move into the brave new world of publishing with the debut of her first novel, Heart of the Witch.
Her second novel is anticipated in 2014, entitled Journey to Landaran.
You can follow Judy at her website, her Amazon Author page, or at Diamond Print Press.
Her novel is “Heart of the Witch”
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A male witch in a world where witches are burned at the stake. A goddess trapped in a circle of stone. A girl searching to find where she belongs. All will come together in the Heart of a Witch.
You can buy it, right now, at Amazon and also Barnes & Noble.
And to whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt that Judy has very kindly provided for us…
He burst through flames, hollering, then he was inside, smoke curling up from burns on his flesh and the smoldering remains of his clothing. He was not safe, not yet; all around him was fire, a wide ring which spared only the ground he stood on. It crackled at his back, cooking the air that he breathed, warning him that he could not stay long in this refuge.
Beyond the fire towered the ring of mountains, and they seemed nearer than ever, the purple heights and cool shadowed passes calling to him. He choked on fumes, gazing at the thick flames which still blazed between him and his goal. The ground was bare within the circle. No magic. If he remained here he would die.
He glanced behind as a lick of flame passed close to him, searching for Alden, his father, or the wolf beast, but none of them were present.
A cool breeze brushed his cheek, parting the waves of heat for a second, and he suddenly realized he was not alone, that there was a woman standing out there, just beyond the ring of fire. She wore a long flowing robe which seemed to reflect several colors at once, from yellow to green to deep russet brown. Her hair fell all the way down to her feet, adorned with bird feathers.
“Do not forsake me,” she pleaded, holding pale hands out to coax him on. The flames and the heat hid her face from him but he knew she was beautiful, that to leave her would break his heart.
“Help me!” He shouted, swooning as the fires slowly baked him.
She bowed her head, and he caught a glimpse of her pale ivory cheeks, flushed with emotion. “I am sorry, but I cannot. I too am imprisoned.” She glanced up, and he froze as the indescribable weight of her gaze pierced through him, pinning him. “You must come to me.”
She released him from her gaze and turned away, slowly making her way back up the foothills to the circle of mountains. A fresh breeze swept at her robes, then fanned the flames around Zerrick, threatening to overwhelm him. As tiny sparks ignited on his clothing, forcing him to plunge forward, he could still hear her voice ringing in his ears.
“Free me!”
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