Indie Author Spotlight – H.M. Jones and “Monochrome”

Indie Author Spotlight – H.M. Jones and “Monochrome”

I’ve got another great indie author for you this morning…H.M. Jones, and her debut novel, “Monochrome”…



Here’s what she has to say about herself…

I wrote Monochrome three years ago, after having my first baby and getting my MA in English Lit. (which happened only months apart). Severe postpartum depression, combined with a passion for writing and a love of fantasy led me to write a story about a mother whose postpartum thrusts her into a world that resembles the depressed mind: all blues, dull to the senses and void of love.

As an editor on he side, Monochrome needed to be a representation of my skills as a storyteller and writer/editor, so it took three years for me to be satisfied, but I’m glad I took the time, as early reviews are raving. People relate to Abigail, her depression, her anger and her love of her family. They love the flawed nature of my main protagonists because their weaknesses (lust, anger, selfishness, etc.) are human to the core. And they want to see Monochrome on the screen, they are so curiously drawn to it’s bleak beauty.

Monochrome is my debut novel, but I am editing my next, a YA Fantasy, right now. A full time mother and author, my readers are are my customers and are second only to my family. I appreciate feedback and love reviews! My hobbies are reading, writing, running, watching period pieces and second hand bookstore hopping.

You can follow H.M. on her website, Facebook and Twitter.   You can also find her on Google+ (look for HMJonesWrites) and Tumblr (look for H.M. Jones Writes or booksarewonderful)


And here is the book…



Abigail Benet battles postpartum depression, marital troubles and addiction. Her weary mind plagued with horrible thoughts not her own, she decides to end it all. Suddenly, her mind and heart begin to race, her vision blurs and goes black. She awakes in a strange, dull, monochromatic blue world. Here, she comes face-to-face with the most beautiful and ugliest moments of her life, choosing those that she will lose forever, and those that are too precious to let go.In a world where many choose a living death, and no one is above suspicion, will her handsome Guide help her fight her way back to the beautiful life she left behind, or will she succumb to her ugliest urges and let her sweetest memories disappear into the blue?

You can find it at Amazon and on Smashwords.

The book is just now out in paperback, as well…



And, last but not least, H.M. has provided us with an excerpt of the book…

Abigail was shocked out of her reverie by the sound of someone entering the bathroom. She hadn’t seen any other residents about, but that was not surprising. She figured she would pretty much stay secluded after her shower, not wanting to mingle with the likes of the man downstairs.

She continued to rinse herself, fighting the urge to peek out of the stall and see who had entered the bathroom. Even though the water was getting colder by the second, she would now have to wait until the other person left before getting out of the stall.

Five minutes passed and she was getting frigid and impatient. Maybe the other woman had left already and she had simply not heard her exit, over the sound of the water. She turned off the now icy water, rubbing warmth into her arms. She pulled back the thin black curtain a crack, in order to check to make sure the bathroom was clear, and was shaken to see that she was not, in fact, alone.

The man with the grey hair stood by the sink where she laid her clothing. He smiled towards her and held the dress up with one hand, offering it to her. “Looking for this? We’ve been waiting for you to be done.” Abigail’s whole body shook from fear and from the cold water still sitting on her skin. “We?” She was annoyed that her voice was shaky and weak. Another stranger walked slowly into view.

This man was younger but just as desperate looking as the grey haired man. His eyes were the same pitch black, his brown hair stringy and unwashed. He bit a chapped lip, staring at her head, peeking out from behind the curtain. “If the rest is as pretty as her face, we’ve hit the jackpot, Chuck.” He addressed the grey haired man, but didn’t take his eyes from her. “Where’s the man she was with?”

Chuck shrugged his shoulders. “He not with her. He’s a Guide. I’ve seen him before. I didn’t see him out there, so he must have his own room, right baby?” The last question was aimed at her. All she could think was that these men looked like the type who would kill for what they wanted, and since Ishmael’s death would not help her, Abigail nodded. “He’s sleeping. The room next to mine.” Her voice shook as badly as her frigid body.

The grey haired man walked slowly towards her. “You’re cold. Come on out of there, beautiful. We’ll warm you up.” Her years of self defense and martial arts had not prepared her for the fear that disabled her right now. It paralyzed her body and mind.

All she could think to say was, “Give me my dress.” The brown haired man snorted. “Come get it.” He laughed the same sick laugh that his friend laughed when she and Ishmael passed him in the bar, and, for some reason, that angered her.

“Don’t laugh at me,” she warned the man. Her anger amused both the men and they laughed more boisterously. Her body shook even more ferociously, but not from fear. The last six months of stress and tension overcame her, looking at these slimy perverts, waiting to force her, to take away her power and her say.
Too often, lately, she felt like her life was not her own, and she wasn’t about to concede to this violation. She couldn’t believe what she did next. She pulled back the black curtain and stepped confidently out of the shower.

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